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How to Handle and What to Expect with Social Security Disability

If you’ve had an accident that leads to disability and can no longer work, applying for disability may be something you’re considering. Social security disability is granted to people of all ages. 

Much of it depends on what type of disability they have, how this affects their ability to work, and what their situation is. The process is sometimes difficult to understand. If you depend on social security as soon as you apply for it, you’re in for a long wait. 

Social security disability is granted after the sixth month of disability, so there is a minimum wait to have your claim processed. If you believe this is the correct option for your situation, here is what to be aware of, and how to proceed in filing your claim.

Only Certain Types of Disability Is Eligible

Before you apply, be aware of what disability is accepted. You won’t’ qualify for disability if you have:

  • Short term disability
  • Partial disability
  • You must be younger than retirement age

Although you’re unable to work, many individuals report their disability taking a lot of time to go through. Some only wait six months, while others wait years. 

Many seek an attorney to help them, because getting disability granted is not easy, even in cases where it is legitimately needed, and the individual doesn’t have other options for income. 

If you have Social Security disability issues, seek the help of an attorney who is knowledgeable with disability, and will help you win your claim.

What Information You Will Need

If you seek the services of a professional, help them as much as possible to prepare for the case. When going before applying, disability requires consideration of various factors. Give them all the information they need. This will include facts such as:

  • Information from your doctors about your disability
  • How your disability is preventing you from working
  • How long you’ve had the disability for
  • If your disability will last for a long time

You need to have worked a minimum number of years depending on your age. Individuals who are 34 must have worked at least three years in their life. If you are a certain age and haven’t worked the years required, you don’t qualify for disability. 

You must show that you cannot do the same type of work you were previously engaged in. If you cleaned houses for a living and are now disabled from the neck down, there is a high likelihood that your attorney has a successful case for you. 

If your problem is minor and you can still work, but suffer pain as you do so, building you case becomes increasingly difficult. Make sure you are transparent and have documentation that makes your case stronger.

Cut Back on Your Lifestyle to Prepare for Disability

Being disabled and unable to work means you’ll need to cut back as much as possible. Even if you have a spouse or another party who is helping you provide for yourself, cutting back and saving money benefits you in the long run. 

Consider getting rid of items you no longer need by having a garage sale. Cut back on dining out, buying expensive clothes, and having luxuries that are nice, but not needed, such as cable TV. 

 If you have difficulty in buying food, heating your home, or other matters, seek government aid, at least until your disability comes in. While this creates some difficulty and additional work as you apply for various assistance programs, it keeps your head above water in the meantime.

Focus on What Is Important

While you are applying and waiting for a verdict on disability, it’s easy to become discouraged and fall victim to depression. Make time to visit with family, spend time with friends, and even go to church or a house of worship. 

Feel uplifted by the positive feelings of others, and learn to appreciate yourself for the valuable and wonderful person you are. Many folks become downtrodden because they feel worthless if they are not working. 

Try to do little activities that keep your mind busy, but don’t interfere with your health. Reading, gardening, and even some volunteering that works for your situation can be a bonus to your life.

When you apply for disability, keep in mind the guidelines that are required by the federal government. Work with your attorney and give them as much documentation as they need to make your case stronger. 

Although getting disability takes time, once you have it, it will provide much-needed financial relief to your family.

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