Saturday, January 13, 2018

6 DIY Kitchen Projects to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Sure kitchen remodels can be pricey, but there are tons of tips and tricks to remodel your home without breaking the bank. It’s important to first figure out your budget and overall vision for your kitchen. 

Whatever your kitchen remodel budget may be, there’s a project for you. So whether you’re a new homeowner or a current owner just looking to spruce things up, these six DIY remodel projects will give you a high-end kitchen without the high-end price.

Staining Cabinets

A great way to give your kitchen a budget-friendly upgrade is to start with the cabinets. Instead of fully replacing your cabinets, staining or even painting your cabinets will do the trick. 

If you want to keep your wood cabinets looking brand new, perhaps staining (or re-staining) your cabinets yourself is the way to go. Or if you’re looking for a more modern twist, a fresh coat of white paint can give your kitchen a fresh, clean look. In addition to a face-lift, you may want to give your cabinets some love from the inside out too. 

Adding rolling drawers, shelves, stacking containers and jars are a cheap way to organize your cabinets and optimize your kitchen space.

A Fresh Paint Job

In addition to your cabinets, you may want to go ahead and give your whole kitchen a fresh coat of paint. Colors like grey, blue, yellow and green are popular since they are considered neutral colors — they are welcoming and match with a diverse range of themes and kitchen decor.


A stylish kitchen backsplash is a fun way to give your kitchen a new look without much effort. There are tons of backsplash options ranging from tile or stone to glass and ceramic that fit your style and remodeling budget. 

In fact, backsplash tiles can be found for less than $5 per square foot that can be mixed with stone or glass pieces for a classy look for cheap.

New Decor

Another great way to give your kitchen an easy facelift is to purchase some new kitchen decor. Sounds easy right? That’s because it is! 

Thrift stores and consignment shops can provide inexpensive and beautiful finds like cool art pieces or kitchenware at a fraction of the price of brand new items.

Add Lighting

Having the right lighting can make or break the ambiance of a room. Adding under cabinet lighting to your kitchen is a simple way to add an elegant touch and provide adequate lighting. 

You can find tap lights or LED lights at your local hardware store and don’t have to go through the hassle (and cost) of hiring someone to install or wire electrical for you.

Build an Island

Building a kitchen island is an easy way to add counter and seating space without doing a full kitchen remodel. You can can build your own island with old cabinets or wood and even add wheels for easy movement. Rolling kitchen islands are a great way to really optimize your kitchen space.

Whatever your style and budget may be, these six tips with help you design a classy-looking kitchen without burning a hole through your wallet. 

And remember renovating your home is not just another expense, it’s a investment. Investing in renovating your kitchen now can add style and value to your home in the future.

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