Thursday, January 18, 2018

Feeling Frugal? 4 Tips to Save Money on Home Repairs

Being a homeowner certainly has its benefits, but one downside of owning compared to renting is that you’ll be responsible for any repairs your home needs. That’s why financial experts recommend that homeowners leave room in their budgets for repair costs each year. 

Still, it’s natural to want the best deal on home repairs, especially when you have several repairs to do. Here are four helpful tips on how you can save some cash on home repairs.

See What You Can Do Yourself

The best way to cut your home repair costs is to do everything you can yourself. Now, whether this is worthwhile for you will depend on how handy you are and how much time it takes you to do the repairs. 

You don’t want to spend days on a simple repair or end up making your problem worse. But with all the tutorial videos out there, you can absolutely learn how to do some basic repairs online.

Find Deals on Materials

Even if you hire contractors for repairs, that doesn’t mean you need them buying the materials. You’re typically better off doing this yourself, because then you can shop for deals. 

Try visiting home improvement stores during their sales or looking for salvage materials. With a little luck and a good eye, you can get materials for much less than they’d usually cost.

Shop around for Contractors

When you know what you need done, it’s easy to call around and get estimates from different contractors like AAA Garage Door, Inc. and similar companies. Then you can compare them all to see who’s offering the best price. 

Just make sure that you look at their reviews, as well. You don’t want to go with the cheapest contractor if they have a bad reputation.

Look up What Labor Should Cost

It’s good to have an idea of how much labor would typically cost on the repair jobs you have, even if you looked around to get the best price on a contractor. 

You want to be knowledgeable of repair costs in case your contractor tells you that it’s actually going to cost more or if they determine that more work needs to be done. 

Understanding what everything should cost helps you avoid getting hustled. It’s smart to anticipate potential home repair costs by setting some money aside whenever you can. But when you do need repairs done, you should also do what you can to get the best bargain.

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