Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tips to Save Your Business Money

Retirement may be closing in, but that's no reason to ignore the changing tech that will save your business money and keep you up to date in the ever-changing, fast-moving world. 

You may have spent a few decades building your business from scratch, but a lot of the habits that you’ve grown into may be costing you more than you think. When it comes to using technology, it’s often easier to fall into the mindset of deciding it’s for the younger generation, but doing so may end up costing you more than you realize. 

Taking advantage of the technological perks of the modern world may just make your much-anticipated retirement even better.

Social Media

You may have been advertising in your local paper for the last 30 years, and you probably even get a long-term discount. The question that you need to ask yourself is whether or not that money is a business investment or a legacy of the days before social media? 

You may not be an avid user of Twitter, and you might just use Facebook to keep up with the grandkids, but it can be used for so much more than that.

Setting up a business page is quick and easy, and then it’s simply a matter of making an update or two every day, letting customers know about new stock, sharing relevant news articles or just a plain old “Good morning!” 

It may end up reaching more people and costing significantly less than that 30-year-old newspaper ad.

Trust in the technology

You might find that doing accounts on your computer is a lot more intimidating than sending everything off to your accountant, but there are a lot of reasons to feel safe. 

Although we are able to store everything on our devices, from photographs of the grandchildren to your customer’s contact details, there’s always that niggling doubt that technology will eventually fail or criminals will attack you with the latest virus, so that everything you have online or on your phone/laptop/PC will be lost forever. 

Luckily, with the help of your local computer forensics company you’ll find that most data is easily retrievable, especially if a crime has been committed and you need to build a case against them. Whether it has been lost by human error, a computer glitch or a malicious hack, trained Digital Data Forensics experts will protect your business. 

Knowing that your computer files are safe frees you up to use more and more of the online tools available that will help your business not simply save money, but to also grow.

Stay at Home

If yours is the kind of business that doesn’t require a brick and mortar store, then perhaps it’s time to work from home. The days of everyone needing to make the journey into work only to sit in an isolated cubicle from 9-5 are quickly fading. 

These days it is possible (and very easy) to get out of bed, switch on the computer and start work. No travel time, no travel costs. You end up saving money for yourself, your staff and ultimately for your customers. 

Between Facebook, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, or the vast number of other options available to you, communicating with work colleagues while working from home has never been easier. Just imagine the savings you could make when you no longer need to pay rent on that office space.

If those suggestions have got you thinking, then that’s not even the end of it. If you open your mind to the possibilities of moving everything online, then you might find that the savings and profits will see you enjoying your retirement with even more money in the bank.

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