Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Financial Freedom: 3 Options for Finally Getting out of Debt

Many people carry high debt balances. After all, it is easy to rack up huge outstanding balances on credit cards, and you may also have other types of loans that require regular payments. 

While you may have been able to manage making timely minimum payments for a while, this may have gotten increasingly more challenging in recent months. 

You understandably want to eliminate financial stress from your life, and reducing debt balances is necessary to achieve this goal. These are some top ways to deal with a serious debt situation.

Consider a Drastic Reduction in Your Lifestyle

Your current debt situation may be the culmination of many long years of accruing debt. In many cases, debt develops when you make purchases that you otherwise could not afford to make. 

For example, you may have charged the purchase of a big screen TV to your credit card several years ago, and you may have never paid that balance off. If you want to achieve financial freedom, you need to make large regular payments on your accounts with outstanding balances. 

Drastically scaling back your lifestyle is necessary if you want to free up more cash to use for debt repayment. For example, you can move into a more affordable home, trade in your expensive car for a budget-minded car and make other similar efforts. The alternative is to get a second job and to use this extra income for debt reduction.

Take out a Debt Consolidation Loan

There are two primary types of debt, and these are revolving term and fixed term debts. 

A revolving term debt, such as a credit card, can take a very long time to pay off when you only make the minimum monthly payment. 

A fixed term debt will be entirely paid off at the end of the term. Consolidating all outstanding debts into a lower interest rate loan with a fixed term is a smart idea in many situations. 

This could reduce your monthly debt payments and establish a firm debt elimination schedule. You can use this strategy with the previous strategy for even more substantial results.

Seek More Substantial Debt Relief

These ideas work well for some people, but others are so swamped with debt that they cannot get their heads above water. Substantial debt relief may be available through debt negotiations or settlements. 

You may even consider filing for bankruptcy through a service like McElrath Law. While these are more drastic steps, they can provide the relief that you need when other options are not feasible. 

It’s better to get professional help in a bleak situation than to try to continue navigating it on your own.

Debt is a problem that often will not go away on its own. If you want to eliminate debt, you need to have a focused plan. 

You also need to follow that plan regularly. Spend time analyzing your situation to determine how these strategies may be applicable to your situation.

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