Monday, February 12, 2018

How to Get the Most Money Out of Your Old Coin Collection

There are many different types of coins out there. If you are a coin collector, there is enough out there to keep you busy with your hobby for a lifetime. However, you may not just be collecting coins for the sake of a hobby. 

You may eventually want to get some money out of them. When you acquire a coin collection, you may not know how to go about selling it to get the most money possible. Here are a couple of tips to get the best deal when selling your unique coins.

1. Take your Time

Like most things, you must take your time when selling your coins to get the best deal. Expect the sale to take anywhere from 45 - 60 days, if not more. 

If you are in too much of a hurry to sell, you will end up losing out on your money. You also want to wait until the right time to sell your coins, and this might mean waiting until some of the most popular auctions in January and late summer. 

The bottom line is that you want to make sure you get the most money out of your coin collection.

2. Get an Appraisal

Before you go to sell your coin collection, you must know what each collection is worth. You will also want to know what each individual coin is worth on their own in case you want to sell the coins individually. 

This way you can know what to expect when buyers come knocking. This also gives you an idea of where to start your pricing to leave room for negotiation. It may cost a small price, but it's worth it to call an appraiser and pay for your coins to be appraised by a professional. 

You should be able to make this money back once you sell the coins anyway. There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of a coin including:
  • rarity 
  • mintage 
  • demand 
  • condition 
  • melt value 
  • full collection 

3. Take your coins to AM Auction

Auctions are one of the most popular ways to sell rare coins. However, they can be somewhat confusing if you're not used to the process. Luckily, you can get help by going to a business like Harlan J. Berk, LTD in Chicago, IL. 

They even offer professional auction representation to get your coin into the most popular auctions, thereby getting the most money possible for your coin collection.

4. Find Complete Sets

Complete sets will always be worth more than just individual coins. This is also true for incomplete sets. If you can complete the collection, it will always be worth more than not. 

Talk to your appraiser about how much more your collection could be with and without the missing pieces to determine if the effort in getting the complete set will be worth it. Then do your research to see if you can find the missing pieces to that collection. 

You also want to make sure they are reasonably priced in order for you to complete it too. If you are planning on turning around and selling your collection, keep in mind that you should be able to make that money back once you are able to sell the set.

Not only can older coins be extremely valuable in certain cases, they can also teach us a lot about history and culture. That is not something you can put a price on at the end of the day. Plus, it's fun to go through the selling process- especially when you make more than intended.

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