Monday, March 5, 2018

6 Ways a Smartphone Can Help Seniors Save Money

Thinking of buying a mobile phone but not sure you want to spend the money on a smartphone? Did you know buying the more expensive smartphone can actually save you money in many ways? 

Before you pick out a flip phone, let's look at different ways your smartphone helps you save time and money in today's world.

Ease of Smartphones

Carrying a mini-computer in your pocket once belonged to the realm of science fiction. But today, smartphones are just that, a mini-computer. Capabilities include tracking and managing your finances, comparison shopping from the store (should I buy it here or somewhere else?), and taking quality pictures without buying a high-end camera. 

When you purchase a smartphone from a reliable carrier like T-Mobile, the world is at your feet.

Money Management

There's an app for almost everything today including tracking your finances, checking your balances, paying bills, and even swiping your phone instead of a credit card. Choosing a financial management app is the hardest part. 

Look for apps with a lot of positive reviews, such as or BillGuard. These apps keep your information secure and let you track with the ease of touching the phone screen.

Banks also offer smartphone apps for checking your balance, paying bills, and transferring funds. Some even make it possible to deposit checks into your account. Plus, new security measures make online transactions safer than ever. 

Purchase items with your phone using digital checks, debit cards, or credit cards. Never worry about losing your checkbook or credit cards again. All you need is your phone.

Compare Prices

Why go from store to store comparing prices and then find out the first stop had the best deal? Sit in the comfort of your living room and let your phone do the shopping. Apps let you compare prices in both stores and online. 

Once you decide which items you want, pay with your phone, and decide if you want to pick up the item or have it shipped directly to you. You save time and gasoline; plus, your feet won't tire out.

Energy Saver

Purchasing a new appliance is more than just comparing prices. You need information about the cost of energy for of running that appliance. With an energy saving app on your phone, just input the manufacturer and model of your selection. 

The app calculates the cost of gas or electricity over the next several years. That way, you know if a new appliance is energy-efficient and worth the price of the item. This helps you save money throughout the life of the appliance.

Use your phone for controlling your home thermostat, even when you're away. Turn on the lights before you get home and don't enter a darkened house risking trips or falls. 

Check the weather on your phone's weather app before heading out the door or find out road conditions after storms move in. Smartphones let you do all those things with just a swipe or touch of the screen.

Picture Taking

Some of the best point-and-shoot cameras available come on smartphones. Many of the latest phones offer dual cameras for close-up and far away shots. Recent technology lets these cameras take shots that come out clear, crisp, and frame-worthy. 

Using your phone as your camera also means you only have one thing to take along with you, not two. And, it's easy for posting online when the pictures are on your phone and not a separate camera. Share with friends and relatives without downloading to a computer.

Navigation Help

No more hard-to-fold paper maps when you travel. GPS systems come standard with smartphones. These map apps not only show you the route but give directions out loud as you drive. Your eyes never leave the road helping you arrive safely at your destination. These tools don't even need a Wi-Fi connection.

So, consider buying a smartphone. It still makes and receives calls, but a smartphone offers so much more. Whether you're checking prices, looking for the nearest gas station, or needing a map, a smartphone offers all that and fits comfortably in your pocket. What more do you need?

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