Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Checklist Before Opting for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed all over the world. However, it is always advisable for an individual to properly research, ask questions and find out everything there is to know about this procedure before opting to have it done on their body.

There are a few important things which one should know about before opting for breast augmentation NYC. Having an idea about the points mentioned below will make the process easier for the patient too.

Type of Implant you should opt

There are two main types of breast augmentation NYC implants that a patient can choose from; a saline implant and a silicone implant. The saline implant is inserted into the breast pocket and then filled with sterile salt water. 

A silicone implant, on the other hand, is already filled, and is simply inserted and positioned into place into the breast pocket. 

It is important to discuss both these choices during the initial consultancy so that the doctor and the patient can both figure out which one would work best for the patient. 

There are many factors which a doctor will take into account before making this decision, as it might affect the overall health of a patient adversely after getting the implant.

Choose the Right Surgeon

When opting for a breast augmentation procedure, is it not enough to simply have a picture and goal in mind and approach the first plastic surgeon willing to perform the procedure. 

The rate of scarring and healing after the procedure highly depends on the kind of surgeon that one chooses; and the skill, experience and expertise of the surgeon. It is best to spend a lot of time researching on the best plastic surgeons those can perform this procedure, and consulting with them about the plans and techniques involved.

Make the Right Choice

A breast augmentation surgery is not simply as easy as choosing a certain shape and size and getting the procedure done. There are several aspects which have to be taken into account and several important choices have to be made along with the doctor. Some of these include:

  • The desired goal or look after the procedure 
  • The current anatomy of the breast of an individual 
  • The kind of implant, the pocket size and the place of incision to be made 
  • The nipple location 
  • The type of implant being use; saline or silicone
  • The height and location of the implant

Breast Implant Profile

The breast implant profile depends upon the desired result that a patient would like to achieve after the breast augmentation surgery. The round breast implant profile will give a different look to the breast, whereas the teardrop or anatomical breast implant profile would give a more natural look to the breast. 

It is important to look into the options and decide the end result before choosing any of these options. One should be clear about these basic information before undergoing the process.

Breast augmentation NYC is a popular procedure and the demand for this procedure is steadily rising. It is important to keep in mind these points before opting for the breast augmentation surgery.

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