Wednesday, March 7, 2018

How Does an Individual Voluntary Arrangement Work?

For those in the United Kingdom and Wales, an individual voluntary arrangement, or IVA, is a draft worked out between two parties as an alternative to bankruptcy. 

It is an agreement which may be simple or complex, but it works out an arrangement between the debtor and the lender or the debtor and the credit card companies.

What Does an IVA Do?

One way or another, it is intended to work out in a manner which leads to the complete payment of the debt without resorting to bankruptcy filing or court costs. 

Even retrieval costs can be significantly spared in this way. You work with a representative who compiles and represents individual voluntary arrangement agreements.

This is the perfect way to pay of the debts you owe because, as they have accumulated, interest and fees have burdened the situation further. 

With a good consolidator on your side, they will be able to work all of the payments down to the most essential level and pay it all off. Then, you simply get a monthly note to pay for the whole work.

You can get advice on individual voluntary arrangement when you look online and seek professional help. Detail your situation to a representative and get the process started to pay off all of the debts you have accumulated and need to resolve.

How Can Advice on Individual Voluntary Arrangement Help Me?

It is not surprising that a little debt seems to affect your life in only a minimal way. It almost seems as if it has disappeared and you will never owe anything again. 

While you could have gotten away with this about 50 years ago, that surely is not happening in this digital age. Everything is tracked, categorized, assigned, and numbered right to your name.

As such, it is not as if you can run from larger debts. Surely this is motivation enough to pay off bills as you can. However, if you are like countless others, you have gotten in way over your head and now there are bills up to the virtual ceiling. 

What the IVA does to help you is simple. It takes all the debt you have presently and stops it. The fees stop rising up so you can have an easier time paying in installments.

In some cases, you may even be able to pay off the arrangement earlier than expected. When you work with a public worker or solicitor, they can help you reach and exceed your goals and help you get your credit in line much faster.


It is far better to address your debts earlier than it is to do so later. It may take some courage to put it out there. Understand that, the longer you wait, the worse it will become. 

Create an Individual Voluntary Arrangement as soon as possible to keep the late fees low and to avoid collections. In time, all of your accumulated debts will be efficiently paid off.

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