Friday, June 8, 2018

How Buying Used Car Parts Can Save You a Pile of Cash

Buying new car parts and having them installed at the dealership where the vehicle was purchased may seem like the most logical approach to car maintenance and repairs. However, that approach can be quite costly. 

Another option is to buy used car parts and pay a mechanic friend to install them or do it yourself if you have the knowledge and equipment to do so safely. Here is how used car parts can save you money.

Lower Price

It almost goes without saying that buying used parts instead of new ones is cheaper. But the price difference can be substantial. For example, buying one new tire could cost almost $100 for certain brands, whereas a used one with a fair amount of tread remaining could cost $50 or less, especially during a sales or overstock event. 

The same is true for many types of vehicle parts, so it is a good idea to find out where quality and reliable used parts are sold and check out their inventory and costs.

Convenient Purchasing

Used car parts can be bought from many car repair shops, wreckage or salvage lots, and online. You can quickly browse auto parts for cars to see for yourself. You could also comparison shop to get the best deal. 

Some places offer a frequent buyer discount or special sale savings reduction. Buying a used part is generally as fast and easy as buying a new part, if not even more convenient, especially if you have one or two favorite used cars places in mind.

Cheaper Installation

Many dealerships and auto repair shops charge prohibitive pricing to install new parts and allegedly remove or dispose of old ones. 

Sometimes the installation costs more than the new product. A used part is often cheaper to put into the vehicle, especially if done by a local mechanic or trustworthy friend. Taxes will be less on a lower-priced used part, too.

Less Waiting Time

While waiting times can vary, there are typically many used car part shops or places to buy the part you need instead of waiting to have one ordered at the repair shop. 

Online purchases may apply for either new or used parts, and shipping time is about the same. Know where to get the used part you want by comparing shops in advance.

Buying used parts can save time and money. Plan ahead and shop around to find the best deals instead of paying more.

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