Monday, July 2, 2018

First Year in a Mobile Home? What to Know About Insurance

Well before you spend your first night in your new mobile home, you need to consider your insurance options. A solid insurance policy will be your first line of defense against a wide array of risks. 

Here is a closer look at a few things that all new mobile home owners should know about insurance.

All Mobile Home Owners Need Insurance

Most homeowners aren’t legally required to have home insurance, but you shouldn’t take any risks with your property and family. Even a relatively small policy will help you cover issues such as fire damage, theft, and vandalism. 

If you are going to take out a loan to purchase your mobile home, then your lender will most likely require you to have some type of insurance. Most mortgage companies won’t approve a loan unless the property that is being purchased is fully covered.

Every Policy Is Different

Every homeowner has their own unique needs, and there is no single policy that works for everyone. When you head to the insurance offices, your agent will need information such as the location of your property, your physical assets, and the total value of the mobile home. 

A smaller mobile home that is occasionally used as a summer getaway will need much different coverage than a larger residence that you live in throughout the year.

You Might Be Able to Bundle and Save

Most insurance providers love to offer discounts to clients that bundle all of their policies. You could potentially save thousands a year if you combine your home insurance with your auto policy. 

It is also a good idea to ask your agent about any other discounts that you might be eligible for. Some insurance companies will reduce your premiums if you carry out security upgrades or work in a certain industry.

Insurance Isn’t Just for Your Property

Many first-time homeowners are surprised to hear that home insurance policies aren’t just for their belongings. These policies cover a variety of liability issues. 

If an individual is injured on your property, then your insurance might pay for some or all of the medical bills. It could also help you cover legal fees if your pet attacks a neighbor or someone claims that your property is unsafe. 

Some homeowners even upgrade their home policies to cover larger items such as parked boats.

Purchasing a warranty is another great way to protect your mobile home and all of your belonging. Your warranty is going to help you cover a myriad of expenses ranging from appliance repairs to annual HVAC service calls.

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