Friday, September 21, 2018

Dental Expenses: 4 Procedures You Need to Save up For

When you consider medical costs and insurance, you may find it easy to overlook dental costs. However, some dental treatments can be quite expensive especially if you do not have insurance. If you believe that one of the following four treatments may be in your future, start saving up now.

Root Canals

Root canals are performed when a cavity extends from the enamel of the tooth deep into the root of the tooth. A root canal will clean out the diseased tissue and disinfect the area to create a healthy tooth again. 

This is often an involved process that requires anesthesia and plenty of time to accomplish. A root canal alone may cost around $1,000, but extra money is typically needed for the crown to cover the tooth when the root canal is completed.

Sedation Dentistry

Many patients are opting for sedation dentistry today, and you may want to ask for it too if you deal with dental anxiety. 

Sedation dentistry can help you relax and be comfortable during all of your appointments whether you need to get a filling, or something more invasive is on the menu. The cost may run from very low to up to $500 depending on the type of medication chosen.

Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth from an accident, injury or disease, you will want to consider replacing it with an implant. Implants are actually very good for your oral cavity because they are just as strong as real teeth are. 

They are placed into the jawbone and are covered with a full crown designed to match your other teeth. However, because this is a major procedure that takes several appointments to be completed, you may have to save up to $3,000 for a single tooth.

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery is occasionally used for advanced gum disease and on gums that have been cared for poorly over the years. During the surgery, tartar buildup is cleaned from under the gums, and the gums are reshaped to properly cover the teeth. 

Surprisingly, this surgery can be very expensive if you have to have it done throughout the entire mouth and can cost up to $8,000.

In addition, many cosmetic dental treatments can also be quite costly. Therefore, you will want to consider carefully how much benefit they will bring to your life before you undergo them. 

However, many non-cosmetic procedures may seem costly now but are far worth the expense when you consider how much better they will make your life and how much they will save you in the future. By caring for your teeth now, you can keep your teeth, gums and jawbones healthy for a lifetime.

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