Friday, November 2, 2018

Can Your Money Make Money? How to Save for Retirement through Investing

If you have started planning for retirement, you may have already estimated your financial need for the future. This estimate may be based on a projected budget in retirement as well as the use of online retirement calculators. 

If you are floored by the huge amount of cash that you need to save between now and your desired retirement date, you are in good company. The good news is that your money can actually make money for you when you invest it wisely. These are some of ways that your cash can multiply over the years.


Today’s savings accounts have fairly low interest rates. In some cases, they barely keep pace with the rate of inflation. However, when you stash at least some of your money in a savings account, your bank will make regular interest deposits in your account. 

You will notice that your account balance grows slowly over time as a result even if you do not contribute any additional money to it. Because the rate of return on a savings account is low, however, you should also consider putting some of your money in these other investment vehicles.


The rate of return on CDs varies by financial institution, the term length and the amount of money that you invest. You will generally enjoy a higher return when you buy a CD with a longer term and a larger investment. 

However, if you cash out the CD prematurely, you may lose money. Therefore, only buy CDs with money that you know that you will not need until the end of the term.

Dividend Stocks

While stock prices fluctuate dramatically, the stock market in general has trended upward over the decades. With all stocks, you profit when you sell them at a higher price than what you purchased them for. This is only one way to profit from stocks. Some companies may a regular dividend on their stock. 

A quarterly dividend is most common, but this varies. You can request dividend reinvestment, which means that you will buy additional shares of the same stock with the dividend that you receive. You can also receive the dividend as cash in your investment account.

Real Estate Investments

Real estate investments can also be lucrative, and rental property is among the most common way to profit from real estate. Real estate investors make money through property value appreciation, and this can be realized when the property is sold or when the investor takes out a cash-out refinance loan. 

If the property is income producing, the investor generally will receive monthly cash flow. Another way to benefit financially from real estate investments is through tax deductions.

As you can see, there are numerous ways for your money to make money for you. A smart idea is to fund your savings account with a reasonable amount of money, and this can serve as an emergency savings account. You can then purchase other investments to create a diversified, balanced portfolio.

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