Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Why a Mattress Full of Cash Is Worse Than Basic Investments

If you are thinking about keeping your hard-earned cash at home where you can keep an eye on it, you are in good company. While many people actively invest extra cash in the stock market or in other types of investments, you may be worried about your losing money through bad investments, market downturns and more. 

It may seem safer to keep your money at home, but this is not actually the case. These are a few reasons why you may want to consider safe investments, such as CDs or a high-yield savings account.

The Impact of Inflation

While some investments are risky and have the possibility of financial loss, CDs and high-yield savings accounts do not. When cash sits at home, the impact of inflation causes that money to lose earning power. 

On the other hand, CDs and high-yield savings accounts may keep pace with inflation so that your money continues to have the same earning power. In some cases, these investments may outpace inflation slightly.

The Risk of Fire or Theft

Unless you store your cash at home in a fireproof safe, there is always a risk of significant financial loss through a fire or another type of damaging event. Theft is also a serious concern, and some thieves may be strong enough or savvy enough to remove the entire safe from your home. 

While you may lose some cash through a bad stock market investment, you likely will not have a total loss situation as you would in the case of a fire, theft or other event at home.

When You Pass Away

Another reason to consider investing your cash outside the home is related to your death. Death is inevitable, so you need to plan ahead for how your assets will be divvied when you pass away. Preparing a will and working with wills and estates lawyers can help you to create a strategic plan for doing so. 

Funds are more easily and securely disbursed according to your wishes when they are in accounts at reputable financial institutions. On the other hand, cash stored in a safe at home may be inaccessible unless you tell your family what the combination is beforehand. Even then, there is a possibility that some loved ones may pull out cash that is not rightfully theirs.

As you can see, there are several reasons why it makes sense to keep your assets in safe investments rather than at home. Spend time learning about CDs, savings accounts and other safe investments so that you can make a smart decision about how to manage your cash going forward.

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