Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Preparing for the Unexpected: 4 Tips to Consider if Your Spouse Can’t Work Anymore

When the unthinkable occurs, it can be easy to get stuck on all of the “what ifs” that run through our heads: Am I the family breadwinner now? What happens to the kids if something happens to me too? Fortunately, there are many steps you and your partner can take to ensure a stable financial future for your family.

See If Your Spouse Is Eligible for Unemployment

If your spouse is still able to work in some capacity, unemployment is a great way to providing stable income for your family during the job hunt. According to the Department of Labor, your spouse is eligible for unemployment as long as they are unemployed through no fault of their own and they meet state requirements for time worked or wages earned. 

They may be required to document their search for a new job weekly or biweekly in order to continue receiving benefits. Laws vary based on state and based on which type of unemployment your spouse is applying for.

Consider Working from Home

Working from home can give your spouse a greater sense of confidence and autonomy than you might expect. The online workforce has a variety of engaging jobs from content creation to being a virtual assistant. 

Freelancing platforms like Upwork or Textbroker can help your spouse get started building their new business and finding clients. However, freelancing isn’t always reliable; slow seasons and competition make the online market an iffy option for families with immediate financial needs.

File for Disability

If your spouse is totally unable to work, filing for disability can take much of the financial pressure off of you and your family. Social Security disability is available to anyone that has worked in a job covered by Social Security that also has a medical condition meeting Social Security’s definition of disability

Consider streamlining the application and approval process by using Social Security disability attorney services to make sure you and your spouse receive the amount of monthly compensation you deserve.

Stay Calm and Avoid Catastrophic Thinking

The most important thing to do when life throws you a curveball is to avoid catastrophic thinking. Spend a little time everyday focusing on the positives in your life. It’s important to separate the person from the pain; unemployment and disability place strain on any marriage, making it vital to lean towards each other rather than away from each other during this trying time. 

Consider setting aside time every week to spend focusing on your romantic relationship with your spouse, whether it be family dinner night or watching television together.

No one ever wants to deal with another of life’s trials, and if your spouse is struggling, chances are that you are too. Always remember why you got married in the first place and never forget the age-old adage: this too shall pass.

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