Saturday, May 25, 2019

4 Benefits of Meeting with a Financial Planner as You Age

A survey from 2018 found that roughly one-third of all Americans had no more than $5,000 in their savings accounts for retirement. Most Americans do, in fact, earn more than enough money to easily save enough to make it through their golden years. However, since the average American’s personal finance knowledge isn’t the greatest, they often end up not properly planning for retirement.

Meeting with financial planners as you age offers several benefits. Here are four of the most prominent such benefits.

Your Advisor Will Make Sure You Won’t Commit Rookie Mistakes

According to Money Marketing, most financial advisors serve anywhere from a few dozen to some 250 clients at any given time. Since they’ve got so much experience in helping people plan for retirement, they will significantly increase the likelihood of you not subjecting yourself to rookie mistakes.

In most cases, preventing these basic mistakes is simple. However, without the guidance of a trusted financial advisor, you won’t be familiar with preventing such problems from occurring.

Can You Say “tax Shelters”?

The wealthiest Americans regularly shelter more of their earnings from the Internal Revenue Service’s legal reach using a wide variety of tax sheltering strategies. Experienced financial planners are inherently familiar with tax shelters that you could easily take advantage of. With their help, you could save thousands of dollars in taxes each and every year.

They Can Legally Protect Your Estate’s Assets from Outside Interests

Most people take pride in saving up enough money to pass on substantial sums to their loved ones, friends, and family members after they die. Unfortunately, many people’s savings get dipped into by creditors and other interests before being distributed to beneficiaries, resulting in less money and fewer valuable assets for them.

Financial advisors, especially those who are experienced in estate and will planning, either directly know how to protect your estate from creditors and other claimants or can hook you up with estate-planning attorneys who specialize in the practice.

You Can Rest Assured Knowing Your Nest Egg Is Safe and Constantly Growing

With help from financial advisors in the management of your investments, earnings, and holdings, you will save yourself from experiencing tons of stress. Further, the less stress you experience, the longer you’re likely to live.

Financial planners widely offer their services to clients across the world at reasonable rates. Unless you’re a financial professional yourself, you can’t go wrong with meeting with financial planners as you age.

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