Saturday, June 22, 2019

3 Things That Can Increase Your Vintage Car’s Value

Owning a classic car is a lifelong dream for many. Impassioned car aficionados are willing to pay a lot of money for a good vintage car. Selling your classic car is no small feat; not only do you have to understand the market but you also have to understand your vehicle’s value.

Unlike modern cars, there isn’t a sticker price you can rely on for your original. Instead, classic cars are priced and sold based on their value, which is heavily rooted in their parts and appearance.

If you’re considering selling your vintage car, here are a few tips to help you find the right buyer.

Original Parts

Modified classic cars are worth less than their original counterparts; authenticity is a big factor in vintage car value. If you can, find original parts or new old stock (NOS) pieces to add to the vehicle. Original classic cars aren’t easy to find, so buyers will pay good money for a vintage car that has its own parts in place.

If your car already has most of its original parts in place, then try to locate the original owner’s manual or acquire original engine stickers. These small details really pack a punch, especially at auctions and car shows.

A Clean Exterior and Interior

Rather than replacing the seats with newer models, keep the originals and get them refurbished. You’ll have to work with a mechanic who specializes in classic cars; you want to make sure that any covers you purchase are true to your vehicle’s period. You can also look for NOS seat covers that can give your vintage vehicle an updated but timeless look.

Automotive paint customization could also help you match the original color of the car’s exterior, so any updates and renovations you make to restore the vehicle will be true to history.

Excellent Condition

A classic car that looks pretty but can never be driven isn’t something many buyers will go for. The engine should run smoothly, and the car should be in the best possible condition when you start to show it. Have a mechanic give it a thorough run-down and make any necessary repairs.

Having a classic car in a near-flawless condition will vastly increase its value.

Finding the Right Buyer

You don’t want your car to go to just anyone; it’s a good idea to check local car shows and auctions to sell your vintage vehicle. People who shop at these places are often highly knowledgeable and willing to pay more money. You need to find the buyers who will be able to recognize the value in your car, ensuring you get exactly what it’s worth.

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