Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Reality of No Credit Check Loans: Case of Eliza

Underhand tactics by loan companies are costing Britons hundreds of pounds every year. Failing to understand which loan could serve best to their needs, a large number of borrowers find themselves tied up with a permanent debt spiral. 

Online lending firms sign off on small loans at easier terms and conditions whereas traditional lenders and banks do not entertain borrowers with a poor credit score.

Many borrowers fail to maintain good credit standing, which is why they turn to direct lenders when they need money, but not all direct lenders follow ethical policy when it comes to assisting people financially. 

Reliable lenders mainly evaluate borrowers’ credit report and repayment potential to figure out whether it is worth lending them money or not.

The majority of people who rely on loans for funding small needs generally have an impaired credit rating. When credit score is not up to the par, running a hard credit check will be like a turn of the screw. 

Therefore, some lenders run soft credit check. Financial experts suggest that taking out a loan without researching enough will be like buying a pig in a poke.

No-credit check loan with instant decision is not a particular type of loan. It is rather a small loan with no credit check. Trustworthy lenders run a soft credit check when borrowers apply for them. 

A debt spiral mounts up when they take out a loan with a company that makes neither hard inquiries nor soft inquiries. Borrowers with poor creditworthiness should take out a loan with soft credit check.

Following outlandish advertisement claims spur on borrowers to take out loans with no credit check without further ado:

Here is the case of Eliza

Eliza was in mid 30s living with his husband in London and working as an operation manager. She was pregnant by one month when her husband lost his job because the company had to shut down. 

Just two weeks later, tumble dryer went out of commission. Laundry was further afield and it was not possible for both of them to cover miles due to tight financial condition and her busy schedule and pregnancy. For a couple of days, she dried clothes under fan’s air. 

Elisa decided to take out a short-term loan to get the tumble dryer repaired as soon as possible because otherwise they may suffer from health hazards due to mildewed air inside the home. As a responsible borrower, she requested credit reference agencies for providing her credit report. She found that her credit rating was not up to the par.

Of course, she was not able to take out a loan with the bank. She turned to direct lenders as she needed money quickly and did not want to pay off broker fees. After researching about direct lenders, she took out a short-term loan with no credit check with British Lenders. The lender conducted a soft credit check before approving the loan.

Loan amount
Upfront fees
Loan period
30 days
Amount to be paid
£120 (£24 for every £100)
Late payment fees

Elisa chose British Lenders because APR was lower than other direct lenders. She was certain that she would pay off the debt on time. As she got money in her account, she bought a tumble dryer. Since she was expecting, some money was dissipated in medicines and medical checkups. As a result, she left with very little money to settle the debt.

She talked to her husband if he could have some savings, but her husband did not allow for dipping into it so as to have them for a rainy day. Her payment had been overdue and the lender had already applied late payment fees and interest penalty by the time she informed of her financial difficulties.

According to the policy, she was supposed to inform the lender of her financial struggle to escape late payment fees and interest penalties. She rolled over the loan for another two weeks that amounted to £698.6. 

The due date was very close, but she failed to arrange money. Since she did not want to repeat her mistake, she immediately informed British Lender that she had been facing difficulty paying off the loan. She proposed the lender to accept the minimum payment.

The lender asked her to submit her bank statement again to evaluate that whether her problem was genuine or she had been trying to welch on a debt. After getting the evidence of plummet in her net worth, the lender accepted her proposal even though it was under no obligation to accept her offer, but under trading guidelines, it had a duty to respond sympathetically.

On her request, the lender accepted half of the payment and rest due amount was rolled over for a period of 30 days. Elisa successfully managed to pay back the debt and she thanked British Lenders to be generous. Their Transparent policy had kept her from falling into debt.

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