Tuesday, August 13, 2019

3 Ways Bundling Saves Money on What You Already Use

The thought of having to make another phone call and haggle another price might seem overwhelming to you. However, bundling your packages isn’t really haggling. Providers already exist who are ready to make your life easier and your budget more flexible. You aren’t even adding new services or products into your life. Instead, you are taking what you already use and getting a better price.

Cell Phones

If everyone in your household has a separate cell phone plan, you are almost definitely paying too much money. The first step is to agree upon one provider to use. Of course, what you’ll probably want to do is call around or visit the stores to see which entity will provide you with the best deal. 

Providers have all different types of family plans that you can pursue at lower costs. Keep in mind that this option is not necessarily limited only to those individuals with whom you live. A number of people have these types of cell phone plans with extended family members.

Car and Home

When you own a car or a home, you need insurance; if you own both of these entities, you need insurance for both. Having separate plans is likely costing you money. Instead, speak with your car or home insurance provider to see what the price would be if you switch both of the plans to be on the same plan. 

These types of insurance policies often come with their own set of discounts, so ask about any other reductions that apply to. For example, car insurance prices are often lowered for students with good grades or for drivers who are willing to have their driving habits tracked by a device in their cars.

Cable, Internet and Home Phone

These three items practically go together as many people have already taken the step to bundle them. In these modern times, you may wonder what the point of the home phone is. Do keep in mind that in an emergency situation, you may want to have an additional line to use. 

Also, when you’re already bundling the cable and internet together, you’ll likely find that the phone is a truly marginal cost, especially for extra peace of mind at home. Ultimately, however, you could opt for a package that includes cable and internet-only and skips out on the phone element.

As you can see, you aren’t adding new products and services to your life. Instead, you are saving money on items that you are going to use anyway.

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