Friday, September 20, 2019

4 Side Gigs to Raise Funds for Unexpected Emergencies

The Internet has created more opportunities for individuals to make additional income on the side than ever before. While the money you earn from your side hustle can be used for anything, it is often a good idea to save it back for unexpected emergencies. Here are some ideas that almost anyone can do.

Write Books

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book, it is now easier than ever to publish it independently online to the major ebook stores and make money from any sales. After writing your book, be sure to get it edited and formatted correctly, as well as create an eye-catching cover. 

You can write about anything you want, from a non-fiction book about a familiar subject to a fantasy epic. You can also write online at sites like This will give you experience and you work as an independent contractor per article.

Drive for Ridesharing Services

Uber and Lyft provide opportunities for individuals to make some money on the side providing rides to people for a fee. Both you and your vehicle must meet their requirements to be approved to drive for them and start earning money. 

You may need a trip to the transmission shop or to get new tires. Another thing you must check is your auto insurance to see if it covers your vehicle for use in this commercial manner. If not, you will need to purchase additional coverage.

Buy and Sell

You can make good money on the side by finding hidden gems at thrift stores and garage sales and then reselling your finds online. This can take some trial and error but when you get the hang of it this side hustle can be very lucrative. You can also hunt for deals online and then resell for a profit.

Take Photos

Many individuals, businesses and creative professionals need stock photos for the work they do. If you enjoy photography and are handy with a camera, consider selling some of the photos you take online. You can sign up at some of the major stock photo sites, upload your photos and take a cut when they are sold.

Unexpected emergencies happen and it is always a good idea to have some money saved up to deal with them. Side jobs can help ensure you make enough to set some aside. Consider these gig options—one or more of them might work for you.

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