Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hosting a Family Reunion This Thanksgiving? 4 Ways to Keep it Affordable

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to bring the whole family together. With everyone already planning to travel for the holidays, many decide to host family reunions during this holiday weekend. Preparing to have a Turkey Day family reunion? Read on for four tips on how to have the most affordable family reunion.

Gather at a Local Park

With 43.5 million Americans already planning a Thanksgiving road trip, odds are that anyone hosting a family reunion at this time of the year should prepare for a large gathering. 

Hosts that are looking for a separate location to have their family gather should rent space at a local park. Renting space at a park is a relatively inexpensive option for a family reunion venue, though you’ll want to do it well in advance.

Many families planning their reunion may find that they can use their local park free of cost. If the gathering is more informal and relatively small, parks make for an easy and free venue to have family and friends gather for a Thanksgiving reunion.

Make Other Bathroom Arrangements

When planning a reunion for Thanksgiving weekend, it’s important to consider details that may be overlooked otherwise. Homeowners worried that their two-bathroom home can’t accommodate everyone in their large family should consider making other bathroom arrangements. 

Port-a-potty rentals like Afford A Potty make it easy for homeowners to keep traffic through their personal bathrooms to a minimum, eliminating the possibility of potential plumbing issues.

Host a Potluck

With the average family spending near 50 dollars to feed 10 people on Thanksgiving, families expecting a huge gathering this holiday, should consider hosting a potluck instead of a traditional dinner. 

By asking relatives to bring their own meals with them, hosts will be able to keep their costs low without fear of running out of food. Be sure to ask family members well in advance what they’re bringing to guarantee that no one shows up to Thanksgiving dinner empty-handed.

Take Family Dues

Many family members view their reunions as a business gathering of sorts. Take advantage of bringing everyone together by taking a collection of family dues to cover the costs of the family reunion. To guarantee all expenses are covered during the big holiday weekend, hosts should be sure to take these dues several months before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is more enjoyable when shared with our loved ones. If you're hosting a family reunion this Thanksgiving, keep this guide in mind to make it as affordable as possible.

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