Friday, September 6, 2019

How to Ready Home for Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rental opportunities make it easy to generate a little extra income. Preparing a spare room, unused area, or even the whole home for a short-term rental can be an important undertaking. A clean, orderly, and comfortable household can help to ensure better reviews and more rental opportunities in the days ahead.

Deep Cleaning

The first step towards any make-ready is too deep to clean any room being rented, as well as any common areas. Frequent rentals can allow you to get away with only a single deep clean with some less intense cleaning in between each guest. For an initial rental or for the first rental in weeks or even months, it is always a good idea to scrub everything down fist.

Declutter the Environment

A cluttered environment can lead to many problems. Depriving a guest of the space, they need to unpack or get comfortable is rarely beneficial. Cluttered and disorganized environments can also increase the risk that something gets broken or becomes misplaced. 

Pairing a rental area down to just a few essentials is often the smartest move. If you are transforming or flipping a home basement, you will have a lot of big projects. Use garbage removal services to throw away all your junk and get your rental clean and clutter-free.

Make Sure Everything Works

From light switches and electrical outlets to bathroom fixtures and WiFi access, taking an extra minute to ensure everything is in good working order can help you to avoid unnecessary problems with future guests. Contacting utility providers like electrical contractors to resolve an issue is something that would best be done long before the arrival of a guest.

Providing Amenities

A few amenities like extra towels or access to hot beverages like coffee and tea can help to make a short-term rental far more comfortable. Using the home to generate rental income can be an uphill battle for those who fail to meet the needs of their guests. 

Simple amenities and courtesy items often play a crucial role in ensuring that homeowners are more likely to obtain a favorable rating or review following a short-term rental.

Ensuring a Stress-Free Stay

Anticipating the potential needs of a guest rather than dealing with a problem after the fact often proves to be the best policy. A little care and forethought mean that essential concerns are less likely to go overlooked. Taking a more active approach towards preparing a room or even the entire home for a short-term rental means that problems and complications are less likely to occur.

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