Wednesday, October 9, 2019

4 Smart Investments to Help You Through Your Retirement

To retire with a high standard of living, it’s essential to make the right investment during your working life. While everyone knows about basic investment vehicles like 401(k)s and IRAs, there are other types of investments that can make your retirement smoother and more enjoyable. Here are four of the smartest investments you can make to set yourself up for a good retirement.

Real Estate

It should go without saying that you will need to own your own home by the time you retire. If you want to achieve some extra cash flow after your working years, though, it may also be a good idea to acquire a few other properties to use as rentals. 

Income from rent is mainly passive and will provide you with a steady, predictable flow of cash each month. The equity in your rental properties is also an essential feature of real estate investing since the properties can be liquidated for large amounts of money if you ever find yourself in need of extra capital.

High-dividend Stocks

Investing for long-term equity growth may be the best strategy for a younger person, but as you near retirement, it may be an excellent idea to re-balance your portfolio in favor of stocks that pay high dividend yields. 

Like rent, dividends represent a fairly reliable and predictable income that can help you handle your expenses without touching the principal of your investment. With the right stocks and enough capital invested, dividends can amount to a considerable annual income. Stocks with the highest dividend yields can deliver 4 percent or more annually in cash flow.


Although it won’t produce any cash flow, gold is a great investment for hedging against inflation and economic downturns. When economic conditions turn negative, investors typically flock to gold, driving up prices until stocks and bonds become sensible investments again. 

If you can find some gold bullion for sale, it’s a great way to protect your investment portfolio against future economic risks.
High-yield bonds

If you prefer bonds to stocks, high-yield bonds may be a good option for your portfolio. Like dividend-paying stocks, these bonds can offer you substantial cash flow due to their reasonably high yield levels. 

Mixing high-yield bonds and dividend-paying stocks can also be a useful strategy for achieving a portfolio with good cash flow that is also properly diversified.

By making some or all of these investments before you retire, you can set yourself up for a higher standard of living after your working life is over. As with any investment, be sure to carefully consider the risks and benefits of each of these assets before putting your money into them.

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