Tuesday, November 5, 2019

5 Introductory Tips to Envelope Budgeting Systems

The right budget can be a powerful financial tool. While the ability to create and maintain an accurate budget is a key skill in terms of financial management, many individuals find budgeting to be a real struggle. From minimizing impulse buys to creating incentives to seek out deals, bargains, and other discounts, switching to the envelope method could allow you to curb your spending and to manage your finances with far greater ease.

How Does the Envelope System Work?

The core premise behind envelope systems is to set aside money for each spending category in advance. This system traditionally used cash placed in envelopes but may function just as effectively with the “virtual envelopes” that may be created with financial software applications. 

The idea is that having only a finite amount of money to spend makes it much easier to stay within the budget.

Stretching Your Money More Effectively

Envelope systems provide a strong incentive to stretch each dollar as far as possible. Clipping coupons or seeking out clearance sales becomes a lot more important if it is the only way to free up some much-needed space in your budget. 

Trying to make it through the rest of the month without additional funds can be quite the challenge, especially for those who are prone to making impulse purchases.

Rollover Accounts

One helpful way to make the best use of your budget to add any unspent money within a specific category to the next month’s budget. Cutting back on the spending for a few months can easily free-up the cash needed to make a major purchase. These rollover accounts can provide a simple and effective way to maintain a more balanced budget.

Clothing and Other Essentials

Lacking the funds needed to make essential purchases can become a real problem. From food and gas to clothing that your children may be constantly outgrowing, setting aside enough money to handle any complications that may crop up can be very important. 

Crafting a more affordable menu plan or shopping for a gently used windbreaker jacket that can also leave you budget to get a shit and pants rather than making a new purchase and only getting one item. If you get creative within your budget you can utilize clearance, sales, and coupons to make sure you get what you need without dipping into another envelope.

Entertainment and Quality of Life Purchases

There is such a thing as being too frugal. Failing to set aside enough money for entertainment and outings is a common mistake that often finds households souring on their new budgeting system. Trying not to skimp when setting aside money for entertainment and other quality of life purchases could make a real difference.

Learning to budget and manage your money more effectively could be simpler than you imagine. The envelope system is a proven method, one that could help you to curb your spending. A little creativity and some foresight are often all it takes to bring your spending habits under control.

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