Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Buy a Second Phone for Work without Spending a Fortune

Every job is important and these days using a mobile at work is a vital part of being efficient and informed. However, you might be reluctant to use your expensive smartphone that's not only stylish but packed full of personal photographs and data. Purchasing a second phone can be the perfect solution

You'll be relieved to know it needn't cost a fortune if you select a refurbished handset from Compare My Mobile. You'll find a great range of deals that are easily affordable. A slightly older phone that still has all the features you need will usually be available at a fraction of the original cost. 

It allows you the chance to purchase outright and have the convenience of a pay as you go tariff.


With a strict vetting procedure in place to monitor vendors, you can choose a second phone with confidence. A refurbished phone has been tested and repaired if needed by a fully qualified technician. It should continue to function at its maximum capacity as it did when it was new. In fact, some refurbished models are new. 

There have been such fast developments in mobile technology that models can be considered out of date not long after launching and be traded in before they have been used. Other handsets might have acquired a few scratches but after all, they could pick up a few more when you use them for work.

Great Choice

When you read the listings at a site such as Compare My Mobile you'll soon notice the great range of famous brands and affordable prices. If you want sturdy reliability check out the Samsung range where you'll find features to suit whatever type of job you do. 

If you need communication but not much storage space, the Samsung S5 Mini in black or white has just 16GB. An unlocked model that's around five years old could be yours for a remarkably low outlay. Alternatively, the S5 offers 16GB or 32GB which can expand up to 256GB with a micro SD. 

It's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core processor which should provide a streamlined performance. You can have twenty-one hours of chat time and the mobile can be left on standby for sixteen days while you enjoy your holiday break. Both S5 versions have a large 5.1 inch screen display with 2,500 x 1,440 pixels. Other deals in a lower price range could include the Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 Zoom.


If you need a phone as high powered as your job, consider the impressive Galaxy S7 Edge that was released in 2016. It has a sleek exterior that's available in black, white, silver, blue and gold. There is useful storage ranging from 32GB up to 128GB which can expand to 512GB with a micro SD. 

It also has fingerprint identification and Bluetooth connectivity. If your job is particularly demanding a refurbished Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus could be ideal. The streamlined outer casings in black, grey or silver are rated at IP68 which means they are perfect if you have to work out in the rain or in a dusty environment. 

The 8 and 8 Plus are fast in operation due to innovative 10nm processors. Combined with storage of 256GB, an extra large screen of 6.2 inches and iris identification for security they are powerful and versatile. And even if it's only for work, there are some great deals for refurbished Samsung phones.

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