Friday, February 21, 2020

Need More Pocket Money? 5 Things You Can Sell for Some Quick Cash

At one point or another, everyone runs short of money. Maybe you’re a little late on your utilities or you need to pay on unforeseen medical bills. Regardless of the reason, you’re left scratching your head wondering if there’s a fast way to make money.

There are plenty of ways to make some fast cash, but selling a few items is the fastest way to get cash back in your pocket. The thing is, not everyone knows what to sell. Here are five things you can sell for some quick cash.

Used Books

If you’re short on cash, you can always sell any old, used books you don’t use anymore. Perhaps you have a few books sitting on your shelf collecting dust and taking up space. Textbooks are especially valuable, and you likely aren’t planning to read them again, unless it’s something you reference regularly.

There are a few ways you can sell your old books. You can sell online or at a gently used bookstore. Note, if you plan on selling online, you might not get as much compared to selling in person at a bookstore.

Old Cars

Selling old cars is actually one of the most common and effective ways to make some quick cash. Junk car buyers are usually willing to pay for even the most worn out car. 

This is because they can either fix it up and put it up for sale or scrap it for parts. So, if you’re ready to get some money for your junk car that is just sitting on your lawn, consider selling it to your local junk car buyers.


Another great way to make fast cash is to sell furniture that you no longer want or need. Maybe you’ve decided to replace your loveseat for a high quality recliner or your linen sofa for a leather one. 

Regardless, if you no longer need a piece of furniture, there’s really no point in throwing it in your garage for years to come. Post an ad online and in the local paper to sell it quickly.


If you’re looking to purchase new clothes, you should consider selling some of your old ones first. Not only will it help you clear up some much-needed space in your closet, but you’ll also have a few extra dollars in your pocket to expand your wardrobe. You can use online stores such as Threadup and Tradesy or go to your local GoodWill.

Vintage Items

Finally, anything you own that’s considered vintage can be used to make extra money. Collectors will pay a pretty penny for vintage collectibles, especially if you have a rare piece.

Vintage items can range from anything such as old VHS tapes, jewelry, paintings, or even action figures. If you want to try and make as much as possible, eBay and Amazon are your best bet.

Although it may be hard to part with some things, when you need fast cash, it might be necessary. Start with things that have the least sentimental value to get the cash you need fast.

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