Thursday, April 2, 2020

4 Unexpected Home Mishaps You Need to Be Financially Prepared For

If there’s one thing that’s true about owning a home, it’s that you can be sure that unexpected events will occur at some point that will negatively impact your home. While most of these events are fairly minor and are fairly easy to recover from, there are plenty of major home mishaps that can cause major damage and are quite expensive to fix.

The best thing you can do to prepare for these mishaps, beyond knowing what they are, is to have the financial means to recover from them should they occur. To help you prepare your budget and your mind for the future, here are four unexpected home mishaps you need to be financially prepared for.

Broken HVAC System

Though it hums along largely unnoticed, your HVAC system is one of the single-most expensive items in your home. Therefore, if your system fails, you’ve got a major expense on your hands. Typically, to purchase a new HVAC system and have it installed will cost you several thousands of dollars, an amount which most people don’t have just hidden in their couch cushions.

The biggest problem with a faulty HVAC system, of course, is that it can quickly lead to an uncomfortable home. To ensure your long-term comfort, then, it’s best to save up to be able to replace your HVAC system if it fails.

Flooded Basement

Leaks in your basement, both large and small, are no laughing matter. Even small leaks can lead to the growth of mold and mildew that can cause serious respiratory issues for your family.

Even worse is if a large backup occurs due to a broken sump pump or a major flood. This type of sudden damage can require the replacement of just about everything in your basement. To help protect against this issue, heavy-duty basement waterproofing is a great investment to make.

Damaged Roof

In many cases, a roof replacement will be something you’re able to prepare for slowly, allowing you to save money over time. However, if there is a major storm in your area, you could find yourself with an urgent need to replace your roof due to storm damage.

In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of a new roof. If it doesn’t provide coverage for some reason, though, you’ll be on the hook for several thousands of dollars in repairs.

Electrical Fire

If your home has faulty wiring, you’re constantly putting yourself at risk of an electrical fire. Though many electrical fires can be caught in time to put them out, they certainly have the potential to get out of control and cause significant damage to your home.

Even small fires can cause expensive damage depending on where they occur. That’s why it’s crucial to have an electrician inspect your home’s wiring to ensure it is safe and up-to-code.

Saving doesn’t seem that important until you’re in need of a sudden cash infusion. When those times come, you can only wish that you had had the wisdom to save money when you had the chance.

That’s why it’s important to make saving a part of your lifestyle, challenging yourself to find as many ways as possible to save money while still maintaining your desired quality of life. While it’s a tough balance to strike, it’s worth it when you face an unexpected home mishap.

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