Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Injured in an Accident With a Commercial Car? 5 Factors That Will Affect Your Claim

Auto accidents and the process of dealing with the consequences are always going to be hectic events, but getting into a collision with a commercial vehicle will be more stressful than other accidents. In fact, most drivers don’t realize how much more stress this can add. 

Here is a quick glimpse of five important factors that could affect your claim after an accident with a commercial car.

What Type of Coverage the Driver Has

Some drivers might be surprised to hear that insurance for commercial vehicles is much different than private insurance. A company will likely have robust insurance for their commercial vehicles in order to protect their assets, and that type of coverage is going to have a huge impact on your claim and what type of compensation that you receive.

The Extent of the Injuries

As a general rule, you should immediately begin looking at attorneys if your accident resulted in any type of injuries. An injury is going to make your claim much more complex, and you need to be sure that you get fair compensation for your medical bills and suffering. 

For severe or life-altering injuries, the claim might escalate into a legal battle that is brought before a judge.

The Extent of the Damage

Most insurance policies have a cap on how much they are going to pay out for damage to physical property. That being said, some states will allow you to sue the other party if the insurance policy doesn’t fully cover all of the damage. Those situations often occur when a company only has the bare minimum coverage for its fleet.

Determining Who Was at Fault

One of the most important variables in this equation will be who caused the accident. That being said, every state has slightly different rules regarding which parties are going to be at fault, and that is why you need to work with an experienced attorney. 

In some municipalities, you will be responsible for part of the compensation if you were partially responsible for the accident itself.

Legal Representation

Most businesses want to get through these scenarios as quickly as possible, and that is why they will sometimes offer an immediate settlement if you sign paperwork saying that you won’t sue. Unfortunately, those settlements aren't always fair. 

Most experts agree that car accident victims should speak with a legal professional before accepting any money. Commercial vehicle wreck attorneys will help you determine if the settlement is fair, or if you should sue for injuries and damages. 

They’ll also be able to help guide you through each process, depending on what you decide.

Following an accident, your health should always be your primary concern. If you feel like you might have any type of injury, then you must immediately head to the hospital for a comprehensive medical checkup.

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