Wednesday, June 3, 2020

4 Elements to Check for in a Home Listing For Greatest Buy Value

When you plan to make one large purchase for the foreseeable future, then you want to make sure it is the best investment possible. Many people choose to purchase a house. Here are four things to look for to help you get the most for your money below.

Age of the property

Typically, the newer the house, the less work you will have to put in to keep it up. Older homes often have code issues and structural problems you must address. Unless you are in the business of rehabbing homes, then it may not be advisable to purchase a fixer-upper. If you have someone with the tools and experience to get more money in the end, then yes, this is a great option. Otherwise, stick with a new house to retain the most value.


Every agent will tell you that the site of the home or building is the most important thing. Whether you are close to shopping, walking paths, grocery stores, parks, entertainment, or diners is important. 

When you want a property that will keep the most value, then you need to be in a thriving neighborhood. A look at the comparison homes will help you see what range your home should be in.

Technical features

What amenities and characteristics are in the home? What things set the property apart from the rest? These items are important to the value of the building. Maybe there are stained glass windows or beautiful built-in shelves in the den. The most unique items are often the ones that add value. Carefully pouring over the home listings will help you find these features.


Old homes with the right updates and maintenance routines can be worthwhile. For example, a house with French doors and marble tile is going to be worth more than old doors and linoleum. 

When previous owners fix problems and add new features, then a home with age can be of value. The key is to make sure to get a property appraisal and inspection to make sure the home basics are solid. Things like electric, plumbing, and the foundation should be in good condition to make a sound purchase.

Picking the right property can provide you with a sense of security. When you have a home with good construction and the right location, you can build a portfolio that will provide income for years. Any agent will tell buyers to get a home inspection and appraisal before signing a contract.

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