Sunday, August 30, 2020

How to Make Money While Cleaning Your Home

Thoroughly cleaning your house every spring or fall can give you a great sense of accomplishment as well as make your home feel more spacious. While it is easy to find the obvious things you want to get rid of in the regular living areas, don’t overlook additional places in and around your home that need a good cleaning and will let you earn money in the process.


Past generations of mementos and trunks full of retro-style clothing can fetch a fair price when sold. Buyer interest and pricing depends largely on the items’ condition, their age, and the prevalence of similar items on the market already. 

Look through old boxes, bags, stacks, and trunks of things that you might not have thought about for a while. Chances are good that there will be plenty of items to part with, some of which could be bringing in unexpected income.


The basement or any storage area of your home may be full of unwanted trash that others will happily consider as treasures. Books, unused furniture, old toys and games, and similar possessions that no longer are used in your home can be advertised for sale online or locally at competitive prices. 

Make sure they are clean and in good condition and take care when shipping anything to a buyer to ensure that it is wrapped protectively and tracked by the shipping service to confirm delivery.


Your shed may need a good decluttering to make room for a new riding mower or other lawn equipment. Older tools and equipment are often sought by homeowners, contractors, and entrepreneurs who are looking for quality products at affordable prices. Unused construction leftovers, lawn decorations, and pet supplies may also draw buyer interest.


Don’t forget to look through your garage to get rid of things you no longer need. Extra painting supplies, garden tools, and patio umbrellas or kids’ swings are typical of used merchandise eager buyers are seeking. 

Vehicle enthusiasts will gladly pay cash for junk cars to restore and drive them or dismantle the frames for parts. Bicycles, skates, and other outdoor sports gear are also popular on consignment lists or at thrift stores.

Organize everything you no longer want or need, market it locally or online, and then collect cash as buyers carry away or receive by shipment your discarded debris. There is hardly an easier way to make easy cash.

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