Tuesday, September 1, 2020

4 Home Window Repairs You Don't Need to Pay a Contractor For

Without windows, your home would be a dark and lonely building. Having windows in your home, though, can present some unique challenges when your windows have problems of one type or another. Although repairing a window yourself can seem daunting, the truth is that most window repairs are fairly easy to do on your own.

Broken Glass

Although caution should be used, broken glass is a problem that you can fix yourself. Depending on the type of windows that are installed in your home, disassembling the window to remove the broken pane of glass is fairly straightforward. 

By using a sharp knife to cut through the adhesive, you can have the old glass out and the new glass installed in no time. Just be sure to ask for some help to ensure you don't drop the new pane of glass.

Inadequate Sun Protection

If you find that your windows allow in too much sunlight, the good news is that you have plenty of do-it-yourself options to correct this problem. One option for reducing sunlight intrusion is window tinting. 

Since the tinting comes in pre-cut sections, all you have to do is smooth it over your window. Of course, you can also opt to install ziptrak awnings to provide extra shade and prevent the sun from invading your home.

Leaky Seals

One of the most common entry points for unconditioned outside air is through the seals around windows and doors. Fortunately, repairing the seals around your windows is an easy fix. 

All you have to do is remove the old, cracked caulk surrounding the windows on the inside and outside. Once the area is clean, apply new caulk, smooth it out, then allow it to dry. Before you know it, you'll have an airtight seal that can help to lower your energy costs.

Trouble Raising and Lowering

Opening your windows on a nice day is a great way to keep your home smelling fresh. Unfortunately, different problems with windows can make them difficult to raise and lower. In many cases, though, this problem can be fixed by simply lubricating the various moving points in the window until they begin to slide as easily as they're supposed to. 

In other cases, you may need to work with the counterweight to ensure it's properly attached to the sash. Ultimately, though, these repairs are simple and can help restore the proper operation of your window.

Performing your own window repairs can be a great way to avoid the costs of contractors and avoid having to buy new windows. While performing window repairs, though, it's important to keep safety at the forefront. 

Windows are quite heavy, and if one of them falls on you without being slowed down, it can cause a serious injury. Therefore, work smart, making sure to support the window when you're working on its components. Then, when you're done, you can sit back and appreciate your handiwork.

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