Monday, September 21, 2020

How to Minimize Costs When Replacing Shingles

Your roof is something that you don't want to take risks with. After all, your roof prevents moisture from getting into your home, which ultimately protects the structural integrity of your home. At the same time, taking care of your roof can be costly and may be out of your current budget. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep roof costs low and still achieve satisfactory results.

Understand the Damage

When you're having problems with your shingles, it's important to understand what type of damage is causing the issue. If it's something simple like a roofing nail poking through a shingle, then your road to recovery is much easier than if your entire roof has been decimated by a hailstorm. 

By having your roof inspected to help better understand the damage, you will be able to target any repair or replacement efforts to help you save money.

Get Multiple Quotes

Roofing, like other home improvement projects, is something that you want to get multiple bids for before letting the work proceed. Reputable roof repair companies are happy to provide free estimates so that you can pick the best company for your needs. 

When collecting quotes, be sure to read reviews on the company and check outside resources such as Angie's List and the Better Business Bureau to ensure you choose a reputable company.

Look Into Alternative Funding

It's always nice when you can have help paying for a major expense, such as a roof repair. Fortunately, there are many options available should you need work done on your roof. Your homeowner's insurance is one of the most obvious, as most plans will help cover the cost of a new roof if your current roof was damaged due to a natural event. 

Even if the damage was simply caused by age, though, you may find that you can get rebates on a roof replacement if you opt to use energy-efficient materials.

Have Multiple Layers Installed

If your entire roof needs to be re-shingled, you can save some money by having your roofer install the new shingles on top of the old shingles. Doing things this way eliminates the cost of disposing of the old shingles, which is a major part of your bill. 

Do know, though, that this approach may lead to extra wear and tear on your new shingles, which could cause early replacement for the shingles you've paid to have installed. When it comes to roofing repair, it's important to know some basic roofing terminology before you start getting bids for your repair project. 

This will prevent you from being taken advantage of by a dishonest roofer who wants to do more than needs to be done. If you know your roof and some of the basic terminologies behind it, though, you'll be able to separate the honest roofers from the frauds so that you don't pay a cent more than you should.

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