Saturday, October 3, 2020

How to Make Sure You Always Have Health Insurance During Any Life Event

Each year, there is always a time where you qualify to enroll for health insurance coverage through one of the following ways:

• Through your employer

• The federal or state government insurance brokers

• Directly through insurance brokers

For most states, the open enrollment for a cover runs between 1st November through to 15th December. At this duration, you can enroll for a new plan or change your existing plan.

There are, however, special enrollment periods that enable you to enroll for a cover outside the open periods. These include the following:

Marriage or Divorce

In case you get married or are going through a divorce, you always have two options. The first option is getting a new insurance cover, and the second option is changing the current cover, where you can make changes to your marital status. In the case of getting married, you can opt to include your spouse on your insurance cover.

Getting a Baby or Adopting One

For childbirth and adoption, it is necessary to have your growing family in your cover. The options available are either getting a new cover that can include the whole family or adding your child to the existing cover.

Moving to New Neighborhoods

Some health plans usually have a geographical limitation. To always stay covered, talk to your agents and find out whether the new location is covered. In case of a non-covered area, get a new plan.

Loss of Parental Coverage

When children are 26 years of age, they can no longer be under their parents' plan. This means they should enroll for their plan after their 26th birthday. Once your kids come of age, encourage them to start searching for a viable insurance plan.

Loss of a Job-Based Cover

It is possible to lose a job-based cover, especially in the event of loss of work or contract termination. In this situation, you qualify to get insurance at any time of the year.

Gaining American Citizenship

After acquiring a lawful presence, you stand a chance of enrolling for a cover at any time of the year, including during the special enrollment period. You will not have to wait for the open enrollment period.

The above situations are qualifying events. Through these events, you can either acquire a new cover or make changes to your existing plan. This will make sure you and your family are always covered. No life changing event should leave you vulnerable and uncovered.

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