Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Top 4 Benefits to Look for in a New Checking Account at a New Bank

Forging a relationship with a new bank can be exciting for first-timers but daunting to anyone who has enjoyed a previous institution. In either case, most banks are excited to bring on new clients, and they will offer incentives as a way to entice people to make the switch. 

A checking account is one of the most basic things into which people will put some assets. While most of them share similar features, there are a few perks you can look for when shopping for a new one.

Sign-Up Rewards

In addition to offering stellar services to newcomers, many banks like to encourage signers by offering special rewards for making the switch. Many of these rewards are tied to money that you can get by making at least one deposit over the first month that you open the account. 

The bank will add the money to this account once you meet the requirements. It will usually appear in your checking account after no more than 10 business days.

No Minimums

Some banks require you to keep a minimum balance in your account, charge you monthly fees just for storing your funds, or both. These numbers aren't usually high, but they can hit you out of nowhere if your account falls below the minimum and is overdrawn before you notice. 

You should look into a free checking account that doesn't ask you for minimums or charge you such fees. Most of these packages come with free online banking programs as well.

Return Percentages

Standard rewards that give you cash back for what you buy don't seem as common as they once were, so going with a bank that offers them could be a great perk for you. It works well when the bank links its cashback rewards directly with the debit card that is connected to your checking account. 

If you make purchases that add up to a particular dollar amount in a given month, you can earn a percentage of those expenditures back.

Early Direct Deposit

You never know when you might need some of your money a bit earlier than you expected. Some accounts can offer you access to your directly deposited funds by as much as two days early. In most cases, they determine this by studying the traditional policies of most banks and how quickly funds from paper check deposits are usually available. 

If you're used to having access to your money on a particular day, knowing that it will be ready for you early could be a big help.

Some people sign up for the first checking account they see at their local bank, and others who have had one for years like to stick with what they know. These approaches are easy, but they mean that you might not be getting all the benefits you could make use of with a better system. 

Don't forget to see if some checking accounts offer special maintenance privileges to target demographics that could include teens or seniors.

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