Thursday, March 4, 2021

How to Save Money When Buying New Tires for Your Car

New tires can easily cost $1,000 or more, an amount of money many people are not prepared to fork over, even when their car needs them. When it is time to replace your car tires, do not pay more than you should for the purchase. 

Drivers can find tons of easy money-saving strategies that help them keep more money in their pocket without sacrificing wheels for their car. Want to learn how to save money on the cost of your tires? Put the following ideas to work to save your money the next time you need vehicle tires.

Shop Around

One tire brand may pop in your mind before the rest, but that isn’t to say other manufacturers do not offer great tires that might cost a fraction of the price. Keep your options open when shopping for tires. One brand may offer a fantastic sale that saves you hundreds of dollars on your tire purchase, but you will only know if you shop around.

Shop in April or October

Tire dealers put tires on sale through the year, but those sales are not half as awesome as those you find during the months of April and October. Visit your favorite all-weather tire retailer during either month for tire purchases if you want the best prices you will find on tires during the year.

Search for Coupons

Yes, tire coupons are real, and using them can chop a nice amount of money off the final cost of your tires. Search for coupons on the tire manufacture website at the same time you check out the rebates. Look for them in newspapers and on banners as you drive about town.

Look for Rebates

Many tire manufacturers offer rebates. Follow the rebate instructions and get cashback on the purchase of selected tires. Tire manufacturers offer rebate deals throughout the year and on many different models of tires. Take advantage of the opportunity to get sometimes hundreds of dollars back in a rebate. There is always time for this.

A simple strategy that many people take for granted when it is time to save money on their tires is to maintain their current set. Following simple tire rules like proper inflation will help you drive longer on the wheels. In turn, you get your money’s worth from the tires and replace them far less often.

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