Monday, April 12, 2021

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Whistleblower Law Firm to Take Up Your Case

are courageous people that take up responsibility in disclosing information that helps in exposing wrongdoing. Whistleblowers deserve an earnest pursuit of the full available whistleblower reward, as well as the maximal amount of protection against any retaliation.

When considering making a whistleblower claim, you may find a host of law firms to pick from. Since a lot is at stake, it’s paramount that you choose the best whistleblower attorney. We’ve prepared a guide to help you narrow down the best whistleblower law firm.

Extensive Experience in Representing Whistleblowers

While conducting your research, ask to see the number of whistleblowers the firm has represented. Significant settlements aren't a determinant of whether a lawyer is good; it just shows the whistleblower had good evidence. The best whistleblower attorneys will have at least five to ten successful settlements.

Whistleblower laws are extremely complex. The best law firm will have extensive relevant experience in the whistleblowing field. To begin with, your attorney should help you determine whether your case is viable. 

From there, they’ll gather the relevant information and evidence you need to pursue your claim. Not all claims are similar, and you will need an experienced attorney to make your case.

Adequate Resources and Time to Dedicate to Your Case

You need to hire an attorney from a law firm that gives your case all the attention it deserves. Even the most applauded whistleblower attorney won’t effectively have a case if they fail to provide it with the energy, time, and resources needed for your case.

Often, whistleblower cases require quite a share of resources, including investigators and expert witnesses. You need a firm with the right connections and resources to explore all factors that would strengthen your case. Preferably, pick a law firm that handles whistleblower cases explicitly, like Meissner Associates.

For an attorney, a look at their past cases is crucial. Seek an attorney with a track record of closely working with government agents, investigators, and other attorneys. 

That way, the officials already know that they can rely on your attorney for reliable analysis and information. This gives you an advantage even before you present it.

Aside from satisfying the government, check their track in maximizing the rewards for their whistleblowers.

Favorable Financial Terms

A typical whistleblower contract for representation will have or have the option of including a contingency - they only earn if you win the case, plus the attorney fees are settled by the defendant once you win the case. 

The main difference you will encounter between law firms is the percentage of your whistleblower settlement the firms wish to win.

Avoid firms that attempt to lock you in by making it hard for you to fire them. Inquire on whether any part of your claim will require the input of another expert, and if your attorney is willing to ask for help on aspects of your case that require particular expertise. 

However, ensure the expertise they seek is from a great resource and not just one with the best referral fee.

Find the Best Whistleblower Firm

In the U.S, the general rule is that whistleblowers don’t have to pay the opposing counsel’s attorney fees if they lose their case. A fact that should motivate you to whistleblow on any injustice you may be aware of.

Getting the best law firm for your case is the first step to a winning case. Check the track and experience record of your firm, their resource availability, and their financial terms before making that decision. Finally, trust your gut on the firm and attorney you settle on, then focus on your case.

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