Friday, June 4, 2021

4 Services You Can Get Bundled for Discounts and Savings

We need. We click. We buy. Repeating that cycle over and over can lead to having a different provider for every service you use. 

Bundling some of your services into one provider can offer you discounts and savings along with reducing the number of bills you have to remember to pay each month. Here is a list of four services that you can bundle to get a lower total price.

Home and Auto Insurance

You bought your car insurance policy when you purchased your first car. You bought your home insurance policy when you purchased your new home. 

Bundling those two policies with the same insurance company could save you as much as 25% off each policy. Some insurance companies will even bundle the monthly bill so you only have one deduction per month to keep up with. 

Even if one of the two policies has a higher rate than you are paying now, you may save more money over the year by having both policies with the same company.

Home Internet and TV

Even if you no longer have a home phone line, bundling your home internet and cable TV service could save money on the monthly price of each. 

Even if a standalone internet service provider offers you a lower rate for internet service, the savings you receive off of your monthly cable TV bill by bundling these two services with the same company might offset the difference. 

For example, Spectrum Cable TV packages offer a much better rate on internet service when it is bundled together with TV service. Even if you do not need a home phone line, bundling these two services alone could save you hundreds per year.

Home Internet and Cell Phone Services

Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are no longer the only big games in town. Some regional home internet providers now offer cell phone service using the same 5G towers used by the larger cell service providers. 

Home internet providers such as Spectrum now offer cell phone plans. You can get a discount on the plan without having to purchase a new phone or change your number.

Streaming Services

Some internet streaming services can now be bundled offering an overall discount over a la carte services. Hulu now offers a bundle of Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ that is cheaper than purchasing each of these services separately. 

Depending on the packages you subscribe to now, you may be able to get all three for less money than you may be paying for just one of these streaming services.

Talk to your family and friends to see how they have saved money bundling services. Investigating and getting quotes does not cost anything. Doing nothing can cost you hundreds.

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