Saturday, November 6, 2021

Get Out of the City: Finding a Home When You Retire Somewhere More Rural

Heading to the mountains no longer has to feel like a far away dream. Now that you’re ready to retire from the constant noise of the big city, you get the opportunity to start a new lifestyle. 

Country living no longer means having to do without your favorite things. Instead, you can look for a house that supports both luxury living and a sense of simplicity. Finding the right home is easier when you use these ideas to start narrowing down your options.

Think About the Essentials

Rural living has many benefits, but you will need to expect a few differences compared to living in a city. When you start looking for homes, one of your first questions should be about the utilities. 

Finding a home that already has features such as a backup propane generator, modern well water, and solar panels means that you can move in right away without having to worry about a lapse in essential services. 

You’ll even be able to coast through the occasional winter storm without a worry as you sip on a warm cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the wintry weather.

Choose a Home That Complements the Area

Rural homes should stand out while also managing to blend into the natural surroundings. While a streamlined modern home might fit into your old urban environment, you’ll want to think about finding something cozier when you are moving to the mountains or countryside. 

Luxury log houses come with all of the floor plans and features that you’d expect in a modern home, yet they have that lovely touch of charm that lets everyone know that you have an appreciation for the great outdoors. 

Real estate agents, like those at Why the Smokies, LLC, can help you find a log cabin or house that fits both your needs and the setting.

Find Houses With Scenic Views

One of the biggest reasons why you may want to move to a rural area is to enjoy spending time enjoying nature. Look for a house that has spacious wraparound porches and expansive balconies where you can set up your favorite outdoor chairs and enjoy the fresh spring and summer weather. 

You can also look for large picturesque windows that help you catch a glimpse of local wildlife when you are spending more time inside.

Get Enough Space for Entertaining Guests

You might be retired, but your house is likely to become a favorite family vacation destination. Make sure to pick out a house with an extra room or two so that you have a lovely place for your adult kids or grandkids to stay for a visit. Houses with big open kitchens and living rooms also give you room to entertain your loved ones.

House hunting takes on new meaning after retirement when you can choose a home anywhere your heart desires. With newer rural homes, you can enjoy a blend of the outdoors lifestyle while also having everything that you need to live out your golden years comfortably. 

Once you find the right home, your biggest question will be how to convince yourself to leave it when you need to run to town to stock your walk-in pantry.

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