Wednesday, December 15, 2021

4 Cost-Effective Winter Home Organization Tips to Get Ahead of Spring Cleaning

It is not uncommon to wait until the end of winter to start your spring cleaning, but you can make it easier on yourself by starting your spring cleaning early.

Why not start organizing your home in the winter? This way, you already have several tasks completed when it is time to start cleaning your home from top to bottom.

Getting started early will also help prevent unnecessary cleanup costs in the future. Use the following winter home organization tips to get ahead of your spring cleaning.

Start Decluttering Early

Why wait until after the new year to declutter your home when you can start now? There are plenty of organizations and thrift stores that are accepting donations for the holidays. 

This is a great time to donate clothes, appliances, books, toys, and other items that are in good condition but never used. It is easier to clean and organize your home when you lighten the load because you have fewer items in your way. 

Allowing your belongings to pile up too much may require you to hire a cleaning service if the mess becomes too much to handle alone.

Toss Unusable Items

There are items that are not salvageable or reusable at all, from stained clothes to damaged electronics. Damaged appliances can even lead to costly property damage if they are an electrical hazard. 

This also includes expired medication, toiletries, and cosmetics. It is time to get rid of these items to make room for items that are wearable or usable. 

One idea is to look into dumpster rental to avoid making several trips to a local dumpster. Renting a dumpster is also ideal if you are getting rid of heavy or bulky items, such as a broken washing machine.

Consider Storage Solutions

You also want to consider the storage solutions you are using in your home. Do you need shelf risers or a lazy Susan for your pantry? Are you looking to reorganize the bookcase in your living room? 

Maybe you want to invest in a storage cubby for your child's playroom, and do not forget about the storage solutions in your home office. 

It is easier to organize certain areas when you consider the storage solutions you have or need for your home.

Organize Main Areas

Finally, you may want to start organizing the main areas before the holidays. For example, you can divide your pantry into zones to make meal prep a breeze. 

Another example is separating everyone's toiletries into labeled containers for easier access. Of course, you should also organize the cabinet or closet of cleaning supplies. 

You can organize the areas that are not used often during your actual spring cleaning.

It never hurts to get a head start on your spring cleaning. If you keep the above tips in mind, you can cross several tasks off your to-do list before winter is even over.

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