Saturday, June 4, 2022

How to Save Money on Water Expenses for Your Home

With utility costs rising like many other household expenses, it is time to start focusing on ways to save on your water bill. Similar to buying groceries or gas, you can’t completely eliminate this expense.

But, you do have the ability to make a few changes that help you to save money. The best part about trying to reduce your water bill is that it also goes a long way towards preserving precious natural resources. 

You can start working on reducing your water usage today by taking these actions.

Upgrade Your Fixtures and Appliances

Modern fixtures and appliances are made to use smart technology and newer materials to help reduce how much water flows through them. The best part is that you don’t have to be a plumbing professional to identify which ones are low flow. 

Look for appliances and fixtures that have WaterSense and Energy Star seals. This means that your home’s new features are 20% or more efficient compared to the outdated models.

Identify Hidden Water Leaks

You could currently be letting water flow down the drain without even knowing it. You might notice an annoyingly leaky faucet, but leaks can also develop in other places. 

Leak detection services can help to find water seeping out from underground pipes along with ones that run inside walls or in the basement. Finding these leaks can help you to bring down your water bill while also protecting your house from mold and wood rot.

Use Smart Lawn Watering Measures

Lawn care is another area of many people’s home maintenance routines where water literally flows out of a spigot and down the street. 

Hand watering and soaker hoses are best for making sure that water goes where it should, but you can also make sure that the sprinkler heads are aligned so that you aren’t watering the sidewalk. 

Choosing to water before the hottest parts of the day lowers the evaporation rate. If you have the ability, switching to xeriscaping is the absolute most effective way to conserve water while still having a beautiful yard.

Adjust Your Hygiene and Cleaning Habits

Once you’ve installed low flow shower heads and efficient appliances, you can still take things a step further by altering how you use them. 

You might be happy to hear that using a dishwasher is more efficient than hand washing in most cases. However, you’ll still want to wait to run the dishwasher and washing machine until you have a full load. 

Choosing to turn off the water while you brush your teeth or lather up your hair is another small thing you can do to save gallons of water each billing cycle.

One of the best things about making these changes is that you should start seeing reduced water usage on your bills right away. The effects can be especially profound if you’ve had a serious leak around your house for years or have been using outdated appliances.

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