Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Is There A Difference From One Credit Union To Another?

If you are unhappy with banks, you may consider having a credit union membership. However, once you start looking around, you may notice there are more credit unions than you imagined. 

If so, you'll be wondering if there are any significant differences from one credit union to another. Are there differences? Let's find out.

Who Can Join?

While many credit unions are open to almost anyone, others offer memberships only to select individuals. For example, some credit unions may be open only to military personnel and their immediate families. 

In contrast, others may be open to students and staff from a certain college or university. Thus, before selecting a credit union, make sure you're eligible for membership.

Federal and State Credit Unions

When you examine credit unions, you will find some are federal credit unions, while others state credit unions. While federal ones are regulated by the National Credit Union Association, state credit unions are often supervised by state regulatory agencies. 

However, whether you choose the Credit Union of Denver or another credit union, be aware that all credit unions insure deposits up to $250,000, just as the FDIC does with banks.

Lower Interest Rates

Even though credit unions are well-known for offering interest rates on loans that are generally lower than those found on bank loans, remember that there will be differences in interest rates among various credit unions. 

Thus, if you are interested in pursuing a loan, it will be smart for you to check out several different credit unions before you pick one to join. By doing so, you'll get a loan at a low-interest rate, meaning more money will remain in your pocket.

Community Involvement

Finally, many local credit unions prioritize giving back to the communities in which they are located. For example, they may help support local food banks, do fundraisers for children's hospitals, or even help out the local animal shelter by donating food and other supplies. 

If this is also important to you, be sure to closely examine many community credit unions to find one that aligns well with your priorities and values.

Once you find a credit union to join, you will reap these and many other great benefits. Whether you are taking a class at the credit union to learn more about debt management or seeking a low-interest loan to buy a home or car, you will soon find belonging to a credit union was one of the best financial decisions you ever made for you and your family.

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