Wednesday, October 5, 2022

What Is “Asset Rich” And How Can I Achieve It?

You might be in a very wealthy or well-off position regarding how much cash you have in the bank. This may result from working for 50 years straight, building up a nice pension, or maybe you even won the lottery and have a chunk of cash you are itching to spend.

Financial advice you should start following now is to build up your asset portfolio. The key to long-term wealth is to have your money work for you, not you work for it. 

By this, we mean if you are looking to spend the money you have earnt on something, make sure it is a lucrative investment that can increase in value over time.

What do we mean by this exactly? As you should be aware, the currency and exchange rates of money constantly fluctuate due to economic and generic world events that are technically out of our hands. 

If you look at the great British pound in recent times, for example, the value of the pound is at an all-time low, meaning across the globe, the Brits are not reaping the benefits of their cash being worth more.

Due to these factors and from what we can see from the wealthiest people in the world, it is important to store your money into assets. 

Assets, of course, still have liabilities out of investors' hands that fluctuate their value. Still, more often than not, it is easier to manipulate your end take-out value exceeding your initial investment when you cash in. 

Investors in assets see a higher return on their investment, which they then can enjoy the money made and continue to reinvest the capital asset.

What Is Classed As Assets?

Assets can be good, liabilities, or neutral. Good assets are investments in real estate, rental properties, crowdfunding projects, bonds, and businesses. 

What makes them more reliable and lucrative is their adaptability to all economic conditions. If invested in the correct way you can see capital appreciation in all economic climates as long as you are making the correct decision or using a facial advisor to do it for you.


You should view your financial advisors like you do your life insurance broker, they are both important for long-lasting wealth and keeping the money you have. Just ensure if you are searching for a financial advisor that they are fully compliant and regulated.

Neutral assets can be appreciated assets such as your home, gold, artwork, and antiques. The reason why they can be deemed as neutral is that it can't be certain whether the appreciation of their value will exceed the cost of upkeep as inflation comes and goes.

Liabilities are assets such as your TV, home furniture, car, and mobile phone. Although some may argue they are essential to everyday life which in some cases they are, you never see a return on investment. 

The reason for this is they simply just lose value as time goes on and can cost you more and more the longer you have the asset with maintenance. 

Do not be discouraged if you only have liabilities at the moment, they are a luxury but many asset-rich people start with more liabilities than assets.

What Does The Saying “Asset Rich, Cash Poor” Mean?

When it comes to being “asset rich”, you may have heard the saying “asset rich, cash poor”. This saying means that you have locked most of your wealth into assets, such as real estate, which may be hard to convert into cash when needed. 

Ideally, you want to create a balanced portfolio of assets and it’s important to remember that both assets and cash can be good, quality assessments. In an ideal world, you should have cash in the bank and strong assets that are likely to appreciate in value over time.

Being asset rich and cash poor doesn’t mean that you’re broke. This only means that you have tied most of your wealth into assets, such as real estate and property, which can be hard to convert into cash. 

Just because an asset may be expensive doesn’t mean it’s a strong asset to keep hold of. For example, cars can be costly in the short term, but they depreciate fairly quickly. Stronger assets, such as real estate, will likely value over time.

Final tips

Now you have a better understanding of assets and liabilities, you should start small and figure out in what form you are going to gain your first assets. Enjoy an early retirement living off of your investments and start building generational wealth today!

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