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Home Improvements To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient For Retirement

If you’re wanting to start making improvements to make your home more energy efficient ready for retirement, you’re in the right place. 

Making improvements whilst you have the finances prior to retirement is a great investment for the future, to cut down your living costs and take away the pressure of some bills. 

Whether you’re wanting to make a smaller or larger investment, we’ve got options for you.

Solar Panels

First up, we’ve got solar panels. Whilst this is definitely one of the more sizable investments, once they’re paid off, it can significantly reduce your energy bills

As well as cutting down your energy bills, especially in the summer, if your solar panels generate more energy than you are using, then you can actually sell it back to the grid and actually make money. 

How effective solar panels will be depends on where you are located and how much sun you get, however overall, it’s safe to say they’re going to save you a lot of money. Depending on your budget, you can get much smaller systems or larger systems. 

There are also things you can do to make the most of your solar panels, like using the most energy when your generation is highest, so doing your washing in peak sun hours or leaving a slow cooker on in the day then trying to use less in the evenings.

Upgrade Your Boiler

One of the best things you can do to make your home more energy efficient is to upgrade your boiler. Modern boilers are much more efficient than older ones, using less energy to heat the same amount and therefore reducing your heating bills. 

They are also usually more effective when used in conjunction with smart meters as well, so you can better control how much energy is being used. 

Again, this is one of the more costly investments, but it can make a huge difference throughout your retirement.

Conservatory Insulation

If you have a conservatory, then getting conservatory roof insulation can help to not only make your home more energy efficient, but it can also make the space much more usable all year round. 

It helps to keep warmth in during the winter and reduce the temperature in the summer months. It works by adding a layer of insulation onto the inside of your conservatory roof, which is then covered by ceiling panels to create a clean and contemporary look. 

If you currently have a glass roof, a tint will be applied to the glass so that the insulation isn’t visible from above, or if you have tiles, this won’t be an issue. 

This is one of the more affordable alterations you can make that not only saves you money, but helps you to make the most out of your home.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

One of the most affordable changes you can make is to swap out your bulbs for energy saving light bulbs. If you get the most energy efficient bulbs possible they use between 70% and 80% less electricity than traditional bulbs, and they also last a lot longer! 

One energy efficient bulb can save around £6 a year, and although this might not sound significant, when you replace every bulb in your house and take into account that they can last for up to 10 years, you can save a lot of money over that duration.

Loft Insulation

Another good option to make your home more energy efficient is to get loft insulation. This reduces the amount of energy that is able to escape through the loft, to significantly improve the efficiency of your home through the reduced heat loss. 

The type of loft insulation and the size of your home can alter how much it costs, however you can expect it to cost between around £200 and £3,500.

Double or Triple Glazing

Lastly, if you don’t already have it, double or triple glazing is a really valuable addition to your home, in terms of both energy efficiency and also reducing noise. It helps to block out drafts, prevent energy leaving your home and also add value to your home if you do ever decide to sell. 

Again, this is one of the more costly options to make your home more energy efficient, however it is also one of the most effective in improving the efficiency of your home, especially if you currently don’t have either double or triple glazing. 

This is a long lasting investment for your home.

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