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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Roles of Accountants for Small Businesses

An accountant performs different functions in the financial operations of a business or organization. He or she may perform various administrative roles. Smaller businesses may require the help of a qualified accountant for collection, entry and presentation of financial data. He may also deal with customers, vendors, financial institutions and other third parties. Professional accountants are well trained, they are supposed to add value to your business if you are just starting out or help you save money. It is important to know the roles of an accountant before you start your small business and decide how you can hire yours. 

Managing Financial Data

Financial data in business, regardless of its size, is essential to its operations. An accountant collects and maintains data as it relates to business. He ensures that financial records are intact in compliance with the legal obligations. This information should be stored in a safe system because these will also be used in managing the business. Depending on the structure and size of an organization, the role of an accountant in managing data could include rather sophisticated duties including implementing databases and control procedures.


Accountants may serve as analysts. This is also a reason why some opt to outsource accountants. The role of analyzing data could be crucial because it affects business operations. Thus, it has to be done in an accurate manner. In many parts of the world, hiring accountants from third party providers is already a common practice. It is done even in the small city of Glasgow in England where small to medium sized businesses are widely supported. Professional accountants in Glasgow help decide on important matters, and advise them on critical business operations. He could also analyze financial data to resolve some discrepancies and eventually make recommendations. 


Another important role of accountants is to ensure that financial reporting obligations are met on time. This involves both internal and external reporting. Internally, businesses may require quarterly or annual reports. This is equally important to managing taxation matters. Companies choose to outsource accountants also for this purpose. They want to be sure they comply with taxes and avoid penalties. This also makes third party accountants in Glasgow and other cities in demand. 

External Affiliations

Accountants also work with other finance professionals from the government, internal auditing and other industries. They provide data to public accountants, and advice creditors, executives and even tax personnel. They work with the government to maintain records in connection with taxation and other government regulations. 

Value Addition

Every jurisdiction has a guideline which demarks which kind of businesses is exempted from audit. This is where the accountants play a vital role. They advise you on the unavoidable compliance. No matter what kind of business you are involved in, business accounts provide valuable services. An accountant can even advise you on how you should initiate one’s business, what type of business you must opt for, give assistance to execute business plans and can also help you with various tax aspects and legal bindings involved in a business. Professional accounts are furnished with book-keeping and accounting expertise.

Accountants play a vital role in every organization, which is why it is important to hire the right professional. They perform a key function that affects the business. Growth of small businesses is related to capabilities of internal finance function. Their expertise is needed to run and grow small and medium enterprises. Companies these days have the option to outsource accountants from third parties. This offers a cost-effective solution of hiring someone who can devote their time and expertise according to the needs of the client. Professionals such as accountants in Glasgow are hired to ensure all vital roles are performed.

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