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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fender Bender: How to Save Cash on Your Next Auto Body Repair

Fender benders are a bummer. Even minor damage such as chips off the paint or a dent in the door could lead to rust. You might not realize there is more significant damage until the mechanic looks. These tips will help you save cash on your next auto body repair.

Research Typical Repair Prices

Consider using one of the many apps that will price out the cost of common auto body repairs in your area. These free or low-cost apps could save you hundreds of dollars on a single repair service by giving you an idea of what fair pricing is. 

If you know what the problem is with your car, you could also call around and ask if any local shops can beat a certain price point. For example, if the app showed that Joe's Repair Shop charges $300 to replace a dinged bumper, ask another reputable place if they can beat that by 5 or 10 percent if you pay cash. 

You could also check with your insurance company about what the going rate is for certain types of car repairs. 

Use a Trustworthy Mechanic

If you already have a mechanic who has worked on your car and you trust that person, you may wish to maintain that strong relationship. 

If you do not already have a mechanic or that shop does not do auto body repairs, ask around and get recommendations. Your coworkers, friends, and family might be able to recommend one shop or persuade you not to use a place that overcharged them or did not do the job correctly. 

Also look to consumer review websites. The public review sites should be taken with a grain of salt, but membership sites such as Angie's List or verified sites such as the Better Business Bureau may give you an accurate idea of what type of customer service you can expect from each repair shop in your area.

Know Which Repairs Are Necessary

If you just have a minor dent in your bumper, you might consider holding off on the repair until you also need some other services, such as brake replacement. 

Make sure you know which repairs are necessary, such as replacing a broken headlight, brake light or tail light. The police could pull you over for those types of auto body problems. 

If a repair shop has to take a lot of parts off of your car and another issue is discovered, consider an auto body repair shop in Utah County. If you put off the second repair, you could pay another labor fee when it gets fixed. Getting it all done at once means only paying for the labor once.

Look for Discounts and Coupons

Look at the city deals websites for your area and see if there are any new customer or other discounts available for your auto body repair. 

If you are a member of AAA, a U.S. veteran, a senior citizen or a member of another group, discounts might be available. Your insurance company might offer discounts at certain auto body shops, even if you choose to pay cash rather than making an insurance claim. 

Also consider asking for a discount for non-priority service. If you can go without your car for a week or two, you might be able to negotiate a lower labor rate compared to if you need to have your car back within a few days.

Paying for car repairs is not fun, but it is necessary. You can save money without sacrificing your safety or the car's functionality. These simple tips on auto body repair bills could help you to save hundreds of dollars.

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