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Friday, August 12, 2022

How to Avail a Pre-Approved Personal Loan on the Instaloan App in 4 Steps?

The Instaloan app by Fullerton India offers quick and hassle-free personal loan options to salaried individuals at affordable interest rates. Unlike other personal loans, there is no need to visit a lending institution or undergo tedious paperwork to avail of a loan.

If you are salaried, the Instaloan app by Fullerton India can help you avail of loans anytime, anywhere through your phone. It helps you avail of quick cash with interest rates starting from 11.99% per annum, with a maximum loan amount of Rs. 25 lakhs.

Benefits of the Instaloan App:

Personal loans can help you meet immediate needs or unforeseen expenditures. Whether it is your daughter’s wedding, need to fund your vacation, or have a medical emergency, these loans can be the best way to meet your expenses without draining your finances. 

Instaloan is an online loan app that helps you avail of such a loan without much paperwork and in a short time. Here are some of the benefits of the Fullerton India Instaloan App:

Maximum Loan Amount: Unlike other personal loans where the maximum amount is limited, this app helps you avail of a loan of up to Rs. 25 lakhs. If you are a salaried individual with a stable source of income, you can apply for a personal loan and fund your immediate needs and aspirations easily.

Digitized process: You can avail of a personal loan using the instant loan app anytime and anywhere. You do not need to visit our branch to complete the process. You can use this app to easily apply for a loan and access it via Android or iOS. Borrowers generally receive the money within hours of loan approval.

Hassle-free Personal Loan options: Though personal loans might look like they require a lot of paperwork, the Instaloan app is different. The borrowers need to upload some requisite documents. 

These documents include valid identity proof like Aadhaar or PAN, address proof, bank statements, and your salary slips. The requirement for minimal documentation makes it an attractive option.

Easy-to-use Interface: The Instaloan app is known for its user-friendly interface. Borrowers need not be tech-savvy to avail of their loans. Once you install the app, you are automatically guided by instructions that help you apply for a personal loan and complete all other formalities by yourself. 

Based on your documentation, it instantly informs you about your eligibility for the loan. After successful verification, you will receive a loan agreement with all the terms and conditions. 

Once an acknowledgment is received from your end, the loan gets approved. Post approval, the approved amount gets disbursed within a few hours.

Loan Tracking Mechanism: Once you apply for a loan, you can track it on the app. Apart from its status, you can also track the payment due every month. 

Such a feature helps borrowers understand their outstanding amount and the time left to repay the loan. The app also reflects the interest rates and your monthly payment trends.

Fast Loan Disbursal: One of the primary benefits of this online app is its fast loan disbursal mechanism. Unlike traditional loans, you do not have to wait for the loan disbursal. 

The Instaloan app ensures a quick loan disbursal, sometimes as quickly as thirty minutes after the loan application, depending on your eligibility and repayment capacity.

How to use the Instaloan App?

The Instaloan app has a user-friendly interface that helps everybody to use it. Here are some steps borrowers must follow while using an android phone or tablet while applying for a loan using this app.
  1. Go to the Google or Apple Playstore and search for the 'Instaloan app by Fullerton India.'
  2. Once you are directed to the app, click on the 'install' option.
  3. After installing the app on your phone or tablet, enter your basic details, including your name, marital status, gender, address, etc.
  4. Scan and upload the requisite documents
  5. Enter your bank account, employment, and income details
  6. Once you input the above details, click the 'submit' button.


The Instaloan app by Fullerton India is one of the best quick loan apps online. The app offers easy and hassle-free loans to salaried individuals within 30 minutes* of their loan application. 

Thus, borrowers are relieved of the tedious paperwork and lengthy wait time compared to other traditional personal loan application processes. Get your personal loan via the Instaloan app today!

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