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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Ways a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help When Declaring Bankruptcy

If you've accumulated a significant amount of debt you can't repay, it may be time to consider bankruptcy to find relief and move on from your financial difficulties.

Although filing for bankruptcy can provide you with a solution to your financial situation, it can be easy to make mistakes during the process without the help of a professional. There are a few ways a bankruptcy lawyer can help walk you through the process.

Obtain Legal Advice

A bankruptcy lawyer can give you legal advice regarding the different legal issues that are related to the debt you've accumulated. They will assist you in filing a bankruptcy petition with the court and can help you become more informed about which debts are eligible to be erased.

They Understand the Legal Process

Like any lawyer specializing in a specific aspect of the law, bankruptcy lawyers understand the legal process of navigating financial law and can help you meet important deadlines and file the paperwork properly. 

They'll help you avoid specific mistakes that can lead to delays and can help you achieve the best possible outcome. They'll help you to know what to expect and will help you acquire proper knowledge to expedite the process.

Work with Creditors

A bankruptcy lawyer can work directly with creditors on your behalf, which can alleviate your stress and help you to avoid harassment from creditors. Lawyers understand how to interact with creditors and will prevent them from contacting you again in the future. 

You also don't have to worry about the legal professional committing fraud against you and will ensure that all of your assets are accounted for after filing bankruptcy.

Higher Odds of Success

When you hire a bankruptcy lawyer, someone like Knollmeyer Law Office, PA, there's a higher level of success due to their level of experience and expertise. 

They know the right tricks and techniques that can increase your chances of having the court be swayed in your favor. You'll be informed about the information that needs to be disclosed to ensure you provide everything the court requests and don't make mistakes that can affect the outcome. It'll be easier to feel more in control and avoid confusion as the legal profession represents you.

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can reduce the stress that comes with having financial difficulties and can allow you to have more debts erased. This legal professional will provide you with the support you need and can handle all of the details of your case to ensure you have a smooth and successful process.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

How Do You Know If You Need A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

There is no need to drown in debts, primarily unsecured debts, or debts that aren't related to utility bills while a bankruptcy lawyer can help you out. You may find yourself in such a situation, especially after a bad loss, investment fraud, divorce, or even an accident that leaves you maimed and physically disabled permanently. 

While your other insignificant investments and Insurance compensation may be able to sustain you in the meantime, it isn't advisable to always take chances and gamble, lest someone sues you, and sends debt collectors into your last remaining property.

So, how do you know that your business is never going to wake up from insolvency? How do you know that it is never possible to service debts as planned before? Well, the following instances should prompt you to look for a Montgomery AL bankruptcy lawyer immediately:

Unable to pay bills

If your employer was recently offering a house or car as part of prerequisite packages, then financing the same kind of lifestyle when jobless can be challenging. Remember, you can still afford to pay some utility bills such as telephone bills, but you are straining very much, unlike before when you were liquid. 

Anything close to straining forecasts the coming hardships which you must prepare to handle. Also, if you start paying the utility bills from your savings, then that amounts to straining, in which case you need a bankruptcy lawyer before things go further south.

Bounced checks

It is understandable for a check to bounce, especially when there are technical hitches from the remitting or receiving banks. However, how about when multiple checks bounce at a go? For instance, if a check to your supplier bounces, the ones to your employees bounce, and the one to your child's school also bounces, then there is a problem from the remitting account, which may be zero account balance. 

You don't have to wait and receive complaints from everyone else. Instead, look for a bankruptcy lawyer to handle the situation from there.

Limited cash flow

The only person who can tell if there is inadequate cash flow in your life is you! Furthermore, if the cash flow has moved from affecting your current accounts and is now eating up the reserves, then you need to file for bankruptcy. That will allow you to strategize and bounce back to financial independence like before.

Court representation

Lastly, it may all end up in you needing court representation because of one reason or another, but still, due to financial constraints, you cannot afford an attorney. The other reason for court representation is when a creditor moves to court to secure an order to auction some of your stuff. 

When it culminates to that extent, the noble thing to do is calling a bankruptcy lawyer, who will know how to handle things from there. However, you must also note that before being declared as bankrupt by a court of law, you must fulfill the prerequisite conditions as stipulated by related laws.

You'll never know when things will go wrong in your life, but at least you will see it coming. Brace for it, take it positively and file for that bankruptcy notice. Once you've hit rock bottom of life, it is always easy to rejuvenate from a fresh financial start, free of debt obligations.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tips On Choosing A ‘Winning’ Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is a situation that can be very stressful for you and your family. It can drain you emotionally, physically, mentally and psychologically. That’s why it’s best to hire a lawyer to help you through the whole process. 

However, you don’t just need a lawyer, you deserve the best, one who is highly experienced and excellent at their job. You need to look for a lawyer who can handle your case skillfully, yet at a reasonable cost.

This article will give you knowledge on choosing a ‘winning’ bankruptcy lawyer

Look for referrals

Your family members and friends can give you referrals to help you in your quest to find the best lawyer for you. You can also talk to lawyers and tax preparers that you know to give you referrals. 

You need to be sure to specify the type of lawyer you are looking for, and whether you need representation for a business or individual. While getting referrals, seek to know whether the attorney you are hiring is specialized in dealing with bankruptcy cases.

Check the background of lawyers referred to you.

After you get referrals, it is always prudent to look into the finer details of the lawyers referred to you. Assess their background by checking reviews from their website feedback page. 

Check also if they have disciplinary cases from state or local bar associations. Establish whether the lawyers referred to you have the certification to deal with bankruptcy cases, such as whether they have a membership in a bankruptcy association.

Evaluate further

At this level, you need to narrow down to a few lawyers that seem most promising to you as prospects. Contact them and listen to them carefully since you are in the business of choosing the best suitable lawyer for you. 

After contacting them, you should be in a position now to narrow down the process further to two of them. Make appointments with the two remaining lawyers, and share your financial documents with them: a list of your debts and your house deed if necessary. Evaluate the experience of your attorney again at this level. 

Allow him to explain himself to you in a broad way and question him. Note how he or she is answering questions and treating you since their first behavior is very important. Discuss your case with him or her and let him guide you through the procedures to be followed in filing your bankruptcy. 

You also need to discuss the attorney fees. Some law firms, such as Benenati Law Firm, decided to differentiate themselves by charging lower attorney fees.

Finalize the choosing

Between the two, choose one after meeting them and hearing from both of them. Consider the one who is caring, giving you attention, and taking the time to explain the whole process. At this stage, do not feel pressured to make a choice and sign the fee agreement.

Do not choose a bankruptcy lawyer after only a few minutes of research. Instead, get someone who has the best qualifications, experience, and an outstanding reputation. You deserve only the best, take time, and choose wisely.

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