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Friday, December 13, 2013

Cutting Down The Bills: Four Successful Tactics To Reduce Your Bills

These days, it is altogether too easy to watch our financial lives spin violently out of control, leaving us in the wake of a checkbook that is always just one step away from overdrawn or overdraft protections, sometimes even dipping into them. Still, that said, there are ways to reduce spending, tighten your financial belt, and conserve resources, saving them for future needs or desires. In the event that you wish to conserve resources, here are four tactics that have served successful over the long run for myriad people in different periods of time.

Buy in bulk

When you consider your families food necessities it can become expensive. Purchasing food in bulk will allow you be prepared and there are all sorts of ideas for conserving finances through the process of buying in bulk. Buying large amounts of flour or sugar--or whatever is on sale--can help to seriously reduce financial constraints. If you decide to do this, some attention has to be paid to storage, but flour and sugar stores well in the freezer or air-tight containers, as well as in the refrigerator. Beans can be stored dry and tend to last a long time. You can also check out My Food Supply and look into the freeze-dried food options that have a shelf life of 25 years. That ensures that you can both buy in bulk and reserve a food storage.

Conserve energy

Setting up an electric system that reduces usage is often a popular solution to conserving finances around the management of a house. Adding insulation, installing a new heating system, air sealing windows, shutting off part of the house, all of these can add up to energy and money saved. Over time, it can add up even if you reduce the heat bill by lowering the heat a few degrees and then leaving it there.


Budgeting can really help if you have discipline and what better way to practice than to set goals and meet them? Coming up with a reasonable budget and keeping it makes all the difference and can be challenging and fun. Aim to cut out something that is costing you invisibly like the coffee you buy out each morning. Try making it at home instead and watch the $2 to $4 per day begin to accumulate in your life.

Walk or take your bike rather than drive

Cutting down on your gasoline consumption can help a lot since petroleum is expensive this decade. This avenue also reduces the cost of insurance and wear and tear of the vehicle. Look into different forms of transportation around your area. If where you are going is too far to walk look into public transportation or even car pooling.

There will always be hurdles in the way of your retirement funds, bank accounts or an emergency that will enter our lives, the best way to counter these unexpected bills is to prepare and always be looking for new ways to conserve money. Keeping a focus on where your money goes and how you spend will ultimately be the difference between security and scarcity.

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