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Thursday, April 29, 2021

What to Look For When Comparing Car Insurance Costs

Whether you are in the market for new car insurance or if you just purchased a new car and need car insurance coverage, there are certain things to look for when comparing car insurance quotes. 

It’s also important for you to get quotes when your policy is up for renewal to see if you can save money. Here are the necessary steps to compare car insurance costs to potentially save you money.

Compare Full Coverage and Minimum Coverage

Your car insurance price is going to vary depending on if you want full coverage or minimum coverage. The minimum coverage criteria vary by state. 

Drivers of age 25 or younger tend to get high insurance rates compared to older drivers as they do not have the same experience as older drivers and tend to get into more accidents. Comparing prices against insurance companies could also save you more. 

The minimum coverage required in New Hampshire is 25/50/25 whereas in California it is 15/25/15 coverage. An example of full coverage in New Hampshire is $1,216 compared to minimum coverage at $416.

Drivers With Poor Credit

Drivers with poor credit may have their premiums at a significantly higher rate than drivers with good credit. The states with the highest insurance rate with credit factors are Massachusetts, Michigan, and California. 

Depending on the insurance agency you go through, you could spend significantly more such as $497 a year compared to drivers with good credit. Allstate had the highest rate of premiums for individuals with poor credit. The average price of a policy for poor credit is $3,437 compared to those with good credit of $2,368.

Do You Have an Accident or Ticket?

If you have had an accident, speeding ticket, or driving while intoxicated infraction, your rates can skyrocket. Auto insurance companies tend to consider you a high risk after these infractions which is why the rates are so high. 

Shopping around for car insurance quotes in one, three and five-year intervals will allow you to continue to get the lowest rates.

Compare Quotes

Comparing quotes for cheap car insurance is simple. All you need is your personal information such as the vehicle make, model, miles, and vehicle identification number (VIN). 

You will need to provide your driving history to include any claims, violations, or tickets in the past five years. Providing your current or previous auto insurance to the new insurer will help them compare coverage and pull your information from the past insurance company. 

Further, providing information about the people in your home will help the new insurer determine if they need to be covered.

It’s best to randomly complete quotes with other insurance companies to see if you can get a cheaper rate. Finding a cheaper rate with similar coverage will help you save money for other necessities. 

Even if your car is completely paid off, it’s beneficial to get liability insurance to protect you from the worst-case scenario such as an at-fault accident. This will help you be covered in the event you hit another motorist that is uninsured.

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