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Monday, January 6, 2014

To Buy or to Lease?

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The UK automotive industry is beginning to pick itself up from the dark financial times experienced in the last few years. Car sales have continually increased month-by-month for over a year and a half, the industry is currently one of the strongest in Britain and has become widely regarded as one of the key reasons we avoided a triple dip recession. Aside from purchasing new cars, hiring and leasing vehicles are becoming a particularly attractive proposition in the UK. At CarMax, we believe that now is the best time to take advantages of the strong car market, but what option is best for you – buying or leasing? 


So what exactly is leasing? A lease is essentially a rental or hire agreement between two parties where a fixed monthly rate is paid during a set period – the length of time can vary from a few months to years. Once the leasing timeframe has passed, you simply hand the car back. It has been popular alternative to purchasing a car in the US for a number of years, but the appeal has increased in the UK in recent times.

This attraction can largely be attributed to driving away in cars that may be out of your normal price range, you often see BMW’s or Mercedes-Benz as popular choices when leasing cars. Furthermore, the leasing of cars enables you to drive a new car every couple of years due to returning cars once the leasing period expires. There are financial gains to make via leasing too, the monthly payments are traditionally more affordable in contrast to typical car finance options – however it is important to note that this does not always prove to be the case.


Research carried out by Which? looked at the cost of buying and leasing different car models, they found that traditional car financing options when buying a new car were still the more cost-efficient in most cases. This has been reinforced in the current high consumer confidence in the car market; sales of cars have recently hit a 5-year high – putting the UK automotive industry as one of the leaders in the wider European market. A large portion of the continued rise in sales comes from the various different car-financing options available.

Coming out of the rough financial times, the amount of people looking to use credit as a means of purchasing a new car has sharply risen to a record high of 75 percent. Car financing provides an easier and more beneficial means for the purchase of cars, however looking to secure the right financing package to suit you can still be an extremely stressful process. At CarMax finance, we specialise in offering excellent, affordable car finance regardless of your credit status. We hold the belief that everyone deserves the right to buy a new car; therefore, we are proud to assist you in securing bad credit car finance through our excellent service.

We acknowledge that leasing cars has its advantages; however, nothing beats the feeling of owning your own vehicle. Across the country many people are realising the incredible gains of owning your own car, the continuous growth of Britain’s motor industry over the last 19 months reinforces that purchasing your own car is still the more attractive option. Our car finance packages help with the considerable expense of a car, making CarMax Finance the only option to consider when buying a new car.

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